‘Biggest Cheeks in the World’ Ukraine Model Anastasia Pokreshchuk – Biggest in The World

'Biggest Cheeks in the World' Ukraine Model Anastasia Pokreshchuk - Biggest in The World
'Biggest Cheeks in the World' Ukraine Model Anastasia Pokreshchuk - Biggest in The World

This model of Ukraine is the ‘biggest in the world’ cheeks, complete revenge after undergoing surgery several times

Biggest Cheeks in the World: Anastasia Pokreshchuk is a model of Ukraine and today is famous for her bulging cheeks and enlarged lips. He has not known how many surgeries to get this form.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, 32, took 6 years to change her look. Anastasia claims that she has got so many raised cheeks that are the largest in the world because of the surgery.

I Have The World’s Biggest Cheeks | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Recently, when he shared his throw-back photos on Instagram, the fans were left staring. In these photos you can see how she looked before cosmetic surgery. Apart from the raised cheeks and lips, people also attract fans with their pink hair, contact lenses and dramatic makeup.

Woman with ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ looks completely different – World Unique Portal

A WOMAN in Ukraine claims to have the biggest cheeks in the world – after having countless filler injections. 30-year-old Anastasia Pokreshchuk, from Kiev, got her first lip fillers when she was 26 and hasn’t stopped injecting her face since. She has now spent around $2,000 on all sorts of facial fillers and is not planning to stop anytime soon. Anastasia told Truly: “You may think that they are too big but I think that they’re a little bit small, I need to refresh them again soon.” Nowadays, Anastasia has become so obsessed with fillers that she has started giving them to herself and to her friends.

However, social media users are also making fun of him. Fans say that he has spoiled his entire face. According to The Mirror, Anastasia was 26 years old when she received her first facial filler.

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