How to Time-saving Hair care Tips Learn from Bollywood Actress Style | Latest Beauty Tips

How to Time-saving Hair care Tips Learn from Bollywood Actress
How to Time-saving Hair care Tips Learn from Bollywood Actress

Bollywood Celebrities Hair care Secrets For Get Long Beautiful Silky Hair – Top Homemade Women Hair Care

How to Time-saving Hair care Tips: Have beautiful hair in half the time! Professional hairstylists whose clients include some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood share time-saving tips that will shorten your morning beauty routine and guarantee that your hair looks amazing all day.

Keep hair sleek by trimming out split ends

Don’t wait until your next salon appointment to get rid of split ends. Cut them yourself by rolling your hair tightly from the root to the tip, and then snipping away any hairs that stick out. The pro secret: use good hairdresser scissors. Regular scissors are usually too blunt to give you a precise cut, and may even damage your hair even more.

However, a high-quality pair of professional hairdressing scissors are sharp, fit comfortably in your hand for easy manouvering, and will last you a lifetime. Just like good tweezers and body razor, they should be part of every woman’s grooming kit!

Use dry shampoo properly

You actually shouldn’t shampoo every day – it strips your hair of natural oils and makes it dry, brittle and dull. Dry shampoo can help you soak up greasiness between washes, but how do you prevent it from flaking and clumping?

Try this secret from Olivia Munn’s stylist Christian Wood. After spraying it into your hair, blast it out with a blow dryer. This helps add volume, and get rid of excess product that can make your hair limp and clog follicles.

Style your bangs

If you don’t have time for a full blowout, just pay attention to your bangs and hairline –which is what most people will notice anyway! To save time (and stress) fix your bangs right after your bath.  Celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa suggests applying mousse and then blowdrying them with a low heat setting. (Be sure to hold your blowdryer high so the nozzle points downward, so your bangs dry evenly.)

Use the Cool Blast setting

Oscar Blandi, who does the hair of Drew Barrymore and Emma Stone, shares this tip for a salon-worthy blowout! After blowdrying it, use the cool blast / cool shot setting to lock in the style and make it look shiny.

Invest in good brushes – How to Time-saving Hair care Tips

Aside from, hairdresser scissors, invest in high quality brushes. “Different brushes are designed to provide different functions,” says Charles Baker Strahan. A paddle brush can easily detangle hair (some even have special microfibers that can help dry your hair, which is very convenient in the morning). A boar bristle brush helps stimulate hair oils and distribute it evenly, so you maintain your hair’s natural shine. If your hair tends to get frizzy, you can also get anti-static brushes.

How to Time-saving Hair care Tips Learn from Bollywood Actress Style | Latest Beauty Tips
Caring for your hair at home! How to Get Beauty | Women Latest Hair Style

Apply hair oil or hair serum twice a day

Chad Kenyon, a Hollywood celebrity colorist trusted by stars like Abigail Spencer and Elisabeth Moss, always shares this time-saving (and money-saving!) beauty tip with his clients. “Every time you moisturize your face, also apply a few drops of light hair oil from the middle of your hair to ends.” This help strengthens your hair, which can become weaker from exposure to the sun and pollution, as well as heat styling and chemical treatments.

Apply a hair mask before exercising

This simple hair hack from celebrity stylist Jen Atkin does two things: it protects your strands from the salt in your sweat, and it uses the body heat that you naturally emit during exercise to  penetrate your hair strands. Now that’s what we call multi-tasking!

Style your hair overnight

Mark Leeson – whose clients include Beyonce – shares this time-saving haircare tip. Wash and blow dry your hair at night, then loosely braid it. You can do the traditional braid, or divide it into two sections and make two Princess Leia side braids. Sleep, and wake up with natural beachy waves

Fight frizz naturally

Frizzy hair can be difficult and time-consuming to fix and style. So, the trick is to prevent frizz! First, invest in silk pillowcases. These cause less friction than cotton pillowcases, and help prevent frizz and split ends. For the same reason, Jen Atkin also recommends drying your hair with an old cotton t-shirt instead of a towel.

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Manage curls with mousse

Do you have curly hair? Instead of straightening your hair, embrace and enhance your natural hair texture! Hollywood hairstylist Robert Vertica says the secret to managing curly hair is to style it when it’s damp. Just apply a light mousse and comb it through your hairwith your fingers. Then, bend over so your hair is flipped to the front, and then scrunch it. Shake out your hair, and voila! Your hair looks amazing.

Freshen up hair with a wipe

Johnny Lavoy, the celebrity stylist who takes care of Ariana Grande and Chrissy Teigen, gives this amazing tip for fighting mid-day hair grease. Just get any diaper wipe or makeup remover wipe and then rub it against your hair. It will break down product build up or natural hair oils that make your hair look limp and greasy.

Use a tooth brush to get a super sleek hairstyle

Sleek ponies and side parts are a huge hair trend – and they’re really easy to pull off! To nail the super-clean, super-sophisticated look, Amanda Ng suggests spraying hairspray on a toothbrush or mascara wand and use it to press stray hairs into place. She adds that this is also a great time to add dimension to hair. “I’ll use a dark blue, red or dark brown hair mascara to add a subtle tint of color to the hairline or hair part. This can help make hair look thicker.”

How to Time-saving Hair care Tips Learn from Bollywood Actress Style
How to Time-saving Hair care Tips Learn from Bollywood Actress Style

Use the back comb technique

Many hairstylists will tease the hair to create more volume. But to avoid getting a bunch of tangles on your head, stylist Phil Smith suggests using layers. “Leave the surface section of hair smooth,” Smith told Glamour. “Backcomb underneath, then once you’ve backcombed, smooth over and this will disguise all the stray backcombed hairs underneath.”

Make your own DIY hair salt spray

Salt sprays are the secret to those sexy Hollywood curls – and you can make it with ingredients right in your own kitchen! Actress and model Nikki Reed says, “I just use water and salt, and then sometimes I put like a teensy bit of oil—any kind of oil, even coconut oil—in it and shake it up.”

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