Top 10 Most Beautiful Kuwait Women in The World – 2022 اجمل بنات كويتيات (Short Details, Pics, Ranked by Indexing)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Kuwait Women in The World - 2022 اجمل بنات كويتيات (Short Details, Pics, Ranked by Indexing)
Top 10 Most Beautiful Kuwait Women in The World - 2022 اجمل بنات كويتيات (Short Details, Pics, Ranked by Indexing)

Most Beautiful Kuwait Women in The World: If you’re a fan of the fantastic thing about Kuwaiti Actresses, then this text is very for you. Here we current you the Top 10 most Beautiful Kuwait Women in The World of 2022. These Actresses are daring, look good, and are among the most Beautiful Actresses worldwide. Check out the record, and we all know what you consider these lovely Actresses.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Kuwait Women in The World 2022 (Short Details, Pics, Ranked by Indexing) – قائمة أفضل 10 نساء كويتيات جميلات في العالم 2022 (تفاصيل موجزة ، صور ، مرتبة حسب الفهرسة)

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1 Halima Boland – حليمه بولند

Halima Boland born 10 December 1980 is a Kuwaiti TV presenter in the Arab World,
television host and former fashion model She was awarded “Miss Arab Journalist” in 2007.
She has two daughters Mariyam and Camellia.

Halima Boland حليمه بولند
Miss Arab Journalist 👸🏻
Middle Eastern TV Host
for business inquiries:
whatsapp +965 9801 1870
e-mail: [email protected]
SnapChat : 🎤

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2 Dr Kholod – دكتورة خلود

Dr Kholod is one of the social media influencers in the Arab media. Dr Kholod is based in Kuwait with her family.
Her husband ‘Amen’ is also a famous social media influencer from Jordan. Accordingly, after getting married,
their popularity increased to include even more fans and more people to watch them both as a couple. Dr Kholod and
her husband Amen are streaming and sharing daily episodes from their daily life with their fans via snapchat and posts on Instagram on regular bases.

These two influencers have a one-year old daughter, who is named after her mother Kholod.
Moreover, they refer to their daughter as ‘Kholod Alsaghira’ which means ‘Little Kholod’.
Kholod Alsaghira became a model for big clothing brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga and many more.
Dr Kholod became famous that companies from different platforms want her to advertise their products via her Instagram, snapchat or by going to their shops.

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3 Rawan Bin Hussain

Rawan Bin Hussain is a Kuwaiti model, famous for her Instagram account, that attracted nearly 2m followers.
Based in London, UK, she is regarded as an important lifestyle and beauty influencer and currently works as a Contributing Editor for Velvet Magazine.

Law graduate from Kuwait🇰🇼
Digital entrepreneur👩🏻‍💻
Mother of Luna👩‍👧
Music feeds my soul 🎶
💌[email protected]

Inspired a lot of people with her before and after photos. She used to be obese but turned to a healthier lifestyle
As a Law student at the University of Westminster, London, UK. She is also learning to pilot at Oxford Aviation Academy,
aiming for a Private Pilot License.

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4 Effinna – افينا

Effinna is a Kuwaiti student based in Munich. She has revealed that she found sudden Instagram fame and followers in just less than a week after she posted selfies featuring her in Souq Al-Mubarakiya

which is a popular traditional market located in Kuwait City.
Effinna confessed that she is Kuwaiti of Hasawi and Persian origins which draws in more followers interested in her beauty.

5 Bashayer Alshaibani – شاعرة وكاتبة من الكويت

Bashayer is a well-known Kuwaiti poetess and writer. She has a special channel on Youtube, during which she broadcasts clips of her literary and poetic works and recordings of her since childhood on occasions when she used to shed her poems.

Bashayer is a model for the successful and ambitious Arab woman who has been able to highlight and maintain her talent in a society where poetic talent is rarely seen by the female element,
She is a role model for many girls in the Arab world. She is also a fashionista who used her keen fashion sense to catapult her into stardom and became popular through social media and Instagram specifically.

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6 Mariam Alkharafi – مريم الخرافي كويتيات

Mariam is a Kuwaiti law student and humanitarian activist. After the outrage of abusing animals in Kuwait, a volunteer group called one decided activating animals rights the non-profit volunteer group that got established in 2011 by Mariam AlKharafi, the group evolves around charity and environmental activities.

Attorney, Beauty & Lifestyle ‎
▪️ Business inquiries: +965 50090088

7 Fouz Al Fahad – Kuwaiti make-up artist

Fouz Adnan Alfahad (born May 10, 1990) has 2.3 million followers on her Instagram account.
She is a Kuwaiti celebrity beauty blogger and a model with beautiful eyes and gorgeous, long hair , glamorous face and fit body.
Fouz also shares makeup tutorials, including steps and tips with all her followers and all those interested in makeup.

Snapchat: ffoouuzz
📧 [email protected]

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8 Fatima Almomen

Fatima is a Kuwaiti model who started off as an architecture graduate and became a trusted makeup and style expert.
The beautiful Kuwaiti women with a large following has worked with many global brands. Fatima studied at the University of Miami.

EntrepreneurArchitect | UMiami Alumni 🪐 👽
Founder | CEO @alist_iris@alist_alaseel 🩺

9 Abeer Alshatti

This Kuwaiti female coach shows us that it is never too late to transform our bodies and become a healthier version of ourselves.
Abeer regularly shares “before and after” photos of herself on Instagram to motivate her clients and followers.
She also shares workout videos and nutrition tips, and clarifies common myths about women’s sport.

✉️[email protected]

10 Ascia Alfaraj آسيا – Kuwaiti blogger

Ascia Alfaraj (born 19 October 1989), also known by her blogging name Ascia AKF, is a Kuwaiti fashion blogger, model, and fashion designer.

With over two million Instagram followers, is considered one of the Middle East’s most influential bloggers and social media influencers.
She is also popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. AlFaraj has worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Dior, Chanel, TAG Heuer, and Tory Burch.
She is also the face of Riva Fashion. Her fashion designs targets the women who wear hijab.

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TOP 10 Most Beautiful Kuwaiti Women of All Time – اجمل بنات كويتيات

1. Rawan Bin Hussain
2. Mariam Alkharafi
3. Fouz Alfahad
4. Hanan Abdullah
5. Bashayer Alshaibani
6. Najla Alkandari
7. Fatima Almomen
8. Ascia Alfaraj
9. Hessa Al loughani
10. Haleema Boland

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