What These Rings Say about Love Chemistry with Your Partner | True Relationships

What These Rings Say about Love Chemistry with Your Partner | True Relationships
What These Rings Say about Love Chemistry with Your Partner | True Relationships

What These Rings Say about Love Chemistry with Your Partner: Engagement and wedding rings are of all kinds, what matters is what it signifies about your bond. The design, center stone and cut says a lot about your chemistry with your better half and we are here to help you interpret the amazing hidden meanings that various rings carry so you can choose the best and the best only for your special day!

Round-Cut Ring

To start off with the classics, a round cut ring delivers a traditional yet elegant look. When it comes to the matters of the heart, it signifies everlasting love, companionship and loyalty. Being a timeless design that’s been loved by couples for generations after generations, a round cut can also speak of conservative values in regards to love.

Emerald-Cut Ring

Another classic on the list, an emerald cut ring is seen as an antique but stylish ring style, often considered to be a luxurious ring. Honestly, these rings can be a bit pricey but that’s where it’s true meaning lies! An emerald cut signifies luxury in love, which means that the couple would enjoy indulging in the finest things in life without thinking twice about spending on their love of life for the sake of genuine happiness.

Princess-Cut Ring – Rings Say about Love Chemistry

An elegant ring with a modern touch— yes, we are talking about the princess cut rings! These rings have sharp edges which gives it a geometric look. This quadrillion cut is called princess cut for a reason though! As the name suggests, anyone who wears this ring will be spoilt like a princess. This also indicates a very loving, caring and dedicated nature of the groom towards his bride.

What These Rings Say about Love Chemistry with Your Partner | True Relationships
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Heart-Cut Ring

Brace yourselves, this one’s really unique! Couples who are hopeless romantics— the coffee dates and rom-com types, this one’s for you. A heart cut might be uncommon but makes for a really sweet engagement/wedding ring. It signifies that these lovers are not afraid to stand out or show their affection, even in public! A perfect fit for true lovers, a heart cut Moissanite Rings NYC has a beautiful design and offers you the same look as diamonds at an affordable price.

Cushion-Cut Ring

A sign of sophistication, cushion cut rings have been trending since times immemorial! With large facets around the gemstone and soft round corners, the meaning this design delivers is pretty much clear. The chemistry of the lovers is dynamic yet with a soft approach. This one speaks of class, elegance and beauty in a relationship. Tagged as the “perfect lovers” by the society, the individuals who are attracted to the cushion cut respect their own privacy but love getting noticed for who they are!

Halo Cut Ring

When it comes to everlasting love and divinity, nothing fits right as the moissanite halo engagement rings. The halo represents a loop, a bond of love and companionship that’s forever. As the halo is also considered heavenly or angelic, it speaks of the relationship as a connection of commitment made in heaven! For lovers with religious beliefs who love a little bit of sparkle and style in their ring, this design is for you!


Likewise, there’s a huge variety of Moistness Rings NYC with lovely meanings and great designs. Some modern styles also allow you to incorporate birth dates, special days, and time in the ring design. The most common Personalization is little messages and carving of names. We believe all rings are beautiful and invoke a strong sense of love in the couples. So, no matter what design you choose, make sure it perfectly outlines your chemistry with your loved one. After all, a ring is more than just a piece of jewelry, it is a symbol of love!

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