Top 20 Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women – Plus Size Model – Girls – Celebrity’s (See Profile with Pics)

Top 20 Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women - Plus Size Model - Girls - Celebrity's (See Profile with Pics)
Top 20 Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women - Plus Size Model - Girls - Celebrity's (See Profile with Pics)

List of Top 20 Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women – Plus Size Model – Girls – Celebrity’s (See Profile with Pics) – 10 Most Curvy Nigerian Celebrities

Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women: African women in general are well endowed and quite curvy and the nollywood industry has an array of actresses with exceptionally banging bodies that keep their viewer glued to the television.


Taking the 2nd Position as the prettiest girl in Nigeria who isn’t a celebrity is Mercy Ekubor. Mercy Ekubor is a graduate of Banking and Finance, she got her certificate from the Lagos State University.

Mercy Ekubor is one hot princess who always has guys messaging her online (I guess). However, I think out of 100% of guys messaging her online, only about 10% can approach her life, because she’s good looking and walks with rich friends.

Mercy Ekubor doesn’t look like your normal everyday girl, and no matter how hard she tries, she will always Make heads turn, no matter where she is.

Omotola Jalade

Mother of five, hour glass shape and great body carriage that speaks of body confidence; no wonder her husband calls her Omosexy.

Top 100 Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women – Plus Size Model – Girls – Celebrity’s (See Profile with Pics)

BEAUTYQUIN OLA – Top 10 Nigerian Sugar Mummy

This is Beautyquin Ola, From her name, you surely know that she hails from Yoruba, but according to her Facebook profile, she actually hails and Lives in Uyo Item, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

Here is what she actually said about herself.

“Am a gal wt a bright future l believe in second chance and l luv make new friends luv exploring new things”
and her favorite quotes goes like this:

“be urself and don’t try coping others, Luv ma self for that. don’t say it ova until it ova”

As you already know, BeautyQuin Ola is beautiful and have lots of followers on Facebook

Mercy Johnson

Her body is well proportioned with everything well assigned and packaged. Not too big to spill, not too little to go unnoticed, she has the body of a goddess.

REGINA JOE – Nigerian Sexiest Curvy Model

Taking the Number one Position of the most beautiful girls is Regina Joe. I don’t know if her surname is supposed to be Joseph or Joshua, but the truth is that Regina Joe is one hot beautiful girl.

She is one Beautiful girl that is able to stand out among a thousand beautiful girls, and Yes, she knows it. But this didn’t stop her from been down to earth,

For those who don’t know this damsel, then you are missing out of her juicy photos and videos. Sorry, I can’t share her details here.

Anita Joseph – Nigerian Plus Size Model

Arguably one of the biggest butts in Nollywood. The actress likes to flaunt her sculpted hips, massive curves and perfect legs.


most beautiful girl in Nigeria

Taking the 10th position of the Most beautiful girls in Nigeria is Princess Morgan. This is Princess who hails from Edo state, and she’s quite a stunner. I discover Princess on Instagram, and she’s got almost 200k followers as at the time of writing this article.

Princess Morgan is also the queen of Instagram in Nigeria, and she shares lots of sexy pictures and some of the most beautiful landscapes ever. From the kind of pictures she’s taken and the background, all indications show that she is rich, or lives in a Rich Area.

There are also pictures of her in School. However, it is a private school in Nigeria and the building alone, means the fees are up to Millions of Nigeria. This school must be among the Richest and Costliest school in Nigeria. There are lots of flashy cars pictures and her friends are quite beautiful too.

She expresses her views on things and rules Instagram since her updates bring in lots of comments and likes. And you won’t blame the guys.

Top 50 Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women – Plus Size Model – Girls – Celebrity’s (See Profile with Pics)

Daniella Okeke – Nigerian Curvy Sexy Women

She is an embodiment of hotness. A thick body, angelic eyes, beautiful face, and an alluring personality. Daniella is definitely every man’s dream.



Deborah Peterside is a beautiful black girl from Rivers State, Nigeria. As you can see from the above picture, Deborah has one of the prettiest smiles in the world.

Deborah Peterside is a graduate of Medicine from the Port Harcourt University, which is popularly known as Uniport. Deborah Peterside is a very famous girl in her school, thanks to her exotic looks and her sense of fashion.


Toolz has one of the best figures in the entertainment industry. Her figure is almost perfect. She has got nice curves at the right places, nice hips with nice bosoms to complement it.


Taking the 11th position as the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria is Carey Samson. This is Carey, and she’s also among the queens of Instagram in Nigeria. For almost all her Uploaded pictures, she’s the guarantee to have thousands of Likes and comments. There is no doubt that Carey is one of Nigerian’s best products when it comes to beauty. She also has the brain too.

What else do you need? From her profile information, we discovered to our delights, that Carey studied Engineering and according to some of her videos on Instagram, she has some friends who are into Music, top Musicians.

Her Instagram page is quite entertaining and interesting. Carey Samson shares virtually almost everything online. There are videos and pictures of her singing, talking and also dancing. You won’t want to miss her updates, I bet.

Biodun Okeowo

Gorgeous Curvy Model Biodun Okeowo – Mother of two popularly called Omobutty knows she’s got the body and she proudly flaunt her curves in body hugging clothes.


Precious Arubaby

This is another beautiful Princess which we all Know is beautiful, extremely beautiful, and she’s got the Most amazing smile. According to her Instagram page, Precious Arubaby said, and I quote below;

I am a model, a scriptwriter, I love going out and making new friends

Her profile also disclosed that she Studied Business Administration/Management at the University of Benin (UNIBEN)

Precious Arubaby hails from Asaba, Delta State in Nigeria.

Top 25 Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women – Plus Size Model – Girls – Celebrity’s (See Profile with Pics) – Sexy Nigeria Model

Ini Edo

Actress Ini Edo now has one of the hottest bodies in this industry. She formerly had an average body size some years back.


Peace Aleshia made the list of the most beautiful girl in Nigeria because she’s beautiful and way down to earth. The reason why we’re not publishing more of their pictures here is mainly that of the fact, that there will be hundreds of pictures here on this particular post.

We picked this picture of Peace Aleshia because it’s one of her best. She’s a Nigerian, but studying in the United States of America (USA), where she’s studying Business Management. it’s no argument that when she graduates, there will be hundreds of CEO, waiting in line to give her jobs.

Not because she’s beautiful (no doubt she’s beautiful), but if you go through her Instagram timeline, her friends are always commending both her looks and intelligence.

Know that this List starts from the Least most Beautiful girls to the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria.

Empress Njamah

Empress Njamah is curvy and a true definition of African beauty. She has got it in both the upper and lower regions.


she is a student and hails from Ebonyi State in Nigeria. Here’s one of her most beautiful pictures. But there are lots of her beautiful pictures uploaded on her Instagram and Facebook profile.

She’s a fashionista who is always looking “beautiful” and alluring. Your guess is as good as mine, there are lots of comments from guys, who are eager to be her friends, etc.

The girl above, her name is 10) sandra– and she hails from Abia State, Nigeria. As you can see, she’s very beautiful and one of the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Well, we know little about her, but according to her Instagram page, she’s a student, a Model, and a Video Vixen. She even dropped her contacts, phone numbers, and email ID to contact her, but we’re not dropping it here for you.

Another person who made this list of the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria is Patricia Ekoh.

The details about Patricia Ekoh is really small. All we know is that she’s a beautiful Lady with a Heart of GOLD who loves God and post daily motivating quotes on her Social Media account.

However, from her profile, she’s a graduate. But with this little details, we can all confirmed that she’s a beautiful lady with one of the most beautiful smiles.

Destiny Etiko – Top 10 Curvy Nigerian Celebrities In The Movie Industry (Photos)

Etiko has big boobs and buttocks which she readily flaunts.

Top 15 Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women – Plus Size Model – Girls – Celebrity’s (See Profile with Pics) Nigeria Sugar Mummy


This is Oyinbo Diamond, and she hails from Katsina state, which is a state in the North West zone of Nigeria. She’s beautiful and you can see it for yourself.

She’s schooling at the University of Ilorin (unilorin) and studies Accounting.

She has an account with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where she shares her holiday’s pictures and inspirational messages.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Nkechi Blessing is one of the most popular Nollywood actresses who is known for her curvy backside. People speculated that she had surgery, but she debunked those rumours. Checking some of her old photos shows that she did not have plastic surgery.

Moyo Lawal – Nigeria’s 10 Most Curvaceous Celebrities

Actress moyo lawal has an intimidating curves, nice rounded backside, nice hips and lovely looking bosoms. She likes to flaunt her dangerous curves.


This is Cynthia, and she’s beautiful from all indication. When I say beautiful, I mean extremely beautiful, and it’s not just ONLY via her face, but everywhere. This girl is every Man’s dream.

Cynthia Patrick is a graduate and very intelligent. Studied one of the hardest course in one of the best Nigerian Universities and is employed. Her relationship status is unknown.

Top 20 Most Hottest Nigerian Curvy Women – Plus Size Fashion Model – Girls – Celebrity’s (See Profile with Pics)


Taking the fifth Position in the list of Nigeria prettiest and Beautiful girls is Joy Udofia. Joy is a quiet girl who loves taking pictures and who isn’t afraid to showcase her amazing body to her thousands of friends and Followers on Facebook.

One remarkable thing about this beautiful Queen is that she’s always looking great, and has a great Fashion taste. No doubt, she’s got the Money to always purchase from the best stores.

From our research, Joy lives in the Capital of Nigeria, FCT Abuja.

Ronke Odusanya

Ronke Odusanya

Sexy Black Curvy Women Ronke Odusanya popularly known as Flakky Ididowo or Becky is a popular face in the Yoruba movie Industry. She is naturally endowed in all the right places and carries herself effortlessly. Ronke is an actress, film producer and stage


Thelma Nkwocha broke the Nigerian internet middle of 2016 when she published a post on Facebook, which goes like this:

Boyfriend that cannot give u 50k to go n make ur hair every two weeks….
Is that one boyfriend? God punish anyone that will type trash here.

Daniella Okeke

Daniella Okeke is a Nigerian actress best known for starring as Joke in the 2013 blockbuster movie Lagos Cougars. This role earned her a ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ nomination at both the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards and 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards. She’s since gone on to star in other movies including The Boss is Mine, Flaws, and I Think He Loves Me.


The girl above, her name is Amaka, who hails from Anambra State Nigeria. Amaka is beautiful and we all know it. She’s really cool-headed and intelligent. No doubt there are several men who are eager to settle down with this angel.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Nigerian Curvy Women – Plus Size Model – Girls – Celebrity’s (See Profile with Pics)

Iniobong Edo Ekim

Ini Edo

Curvaceous brown-skin Ini Edo is another well appreciated actress in Nollywood, although there have been rumours that she had a plastic surgery to attain the figure Ini definitely knows how to rock with the stunning shape.

Anita Joseph Olagunju – Number One Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women

Anita Joseph is Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women

Top Nigerian Sexiest Women Anita Joseph is one of the most controversial actresses in the English sector of Nollywood.

Anita Joseph

The actress is always ready to post curvaceous photos which gathers a lot of comments from her followers. She revealed to people that, with the help of a waist trainer, she got her desired shape. In 2005 she joined the Nigerian movie industry and in 2006 she rose to fame after acting in the movie Tears in my Eyes.


This is Debora Debbie Vilmont, and she’s one of the most beautiful girls you’ve ever come across. I just added her photos here and she’s really humble and down to earth. Her updates on her social media accounts look great!

most beautiful girl in Nigeria
Hottest Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women

Debora Debbie Vilmont is beautiful and studies at the University of Lagos (Unilag).

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde aka Omosexy

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Arguably one of Nollywood’s prettiest, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde despite birthing four kids still looks like one in her 30s.

Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde MFR is a Nigerian actress, singer, philanthropist and former model. Since her Nollywood film debut in 1995, Omotola has appeared in over 300 films, selling millions of video copies. She got married to Captain Matthew Ekeinde when she was 18 years old.


Taking the 7th Position as Nigeria’s most beautiful girls is Nkechi, who is popularly known among her friends and fans as Nicky.

Nkechi comes from Enugu State, Nigeria. We don’t know much about Nkechi but her pictures can make any man stare for 5 minutes without a boring second. I don’t mind having dinner with her myself.

No doubt Nkechi is one of earth’s eight wonders, and I personally vouch for her, as Nigeria Most prettiest girls.

Chidinma Agunobi aka Princess Salt

Princess Salt – Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women

Her real name is Chidinma Agunobi, but she is widely known as Princess Salt.

Princess Salt

She is one of the fast growing actresses in the Nollywood film industry and she has killer curves.


The girl above, her name is Nicky, and she hails from Imo State Nigeria. Most people from the Southern part of Nigeria know Imo State as the land of the beautiful.

Several of her Pictures, you can see for yourself that Nicky is good looking and well endowed. A graduate and fashion trending girl who loves going around the world on several vacations. Guess she’s rich and a socialite.

Biodun Okeowo Sofuyi

Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women
Biodun Okeowo

Most Curvy Model Biodun Okeowo is a popular Yoruba actress also known to many as Omobutty, a nickname she got after starring in the popular movie of the same name. She has an hourglass shape and according to the actress, she inherited it from her late mother.

Biodun Okeowo

The light-skinned actress is a popular personality in the yoruba movie industry. The mother of two joined the film industry in 2006.


Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women

The girl above, her name is Sandra Igwe and she hails from Abia State, Nigeria. Sandra Igwe rules Instagram, as she’s got thousands of followers who are always waiting for her new pictures.

Sandra has got a great smile and is very beautiful, no doubt which is why she made the list, of the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Well, we know little about her, but according to her Instagram page, she’s a student, a Model, and a Video Vixen.

She even dropped her contacts, phone numbers, and email ID to contact her, but we’re not dropping it here for you.

Sorry, but Not Sorry.

Moyo Lawal

Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women

Super Model Moyo Lawal has natural curves and says she has never gone under the knife. She gets her curves due to her fitness training program. She is always ready to exercise and this explains why she has a natural curve.

Most Sexiest Nigerian Curvy Women

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