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Women & Child Welfare - Social Welfare - Government of Assam, INDIA
Women & Child Welfare - Social Welfare - Government of Assam, INDIA

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The Directorate of Social Welfare was created by Govt. of Assam in the year 1960. The Directorate was made permanent with effect from 20-09-1965 and a full fledged Social Welfare Administrative Department was created on 19th September 1991.

The role and responsibilities of the Social Welfare Department are destined to witness a phenomenal expansion in the coming years due to the heightened social awareness of the problems faced by children, women and physically challenged persons.

This Department has the mandate to ensure proper care of the uncared, protection of the most vulnerable sections of the society and creation of an environment which is conducive to the all round development of children, women and physically challenged persons both by taking the caring and protective hands of the Government to them and by giving intensified fillip to the non- government initiatives aimed at reaching out to them.

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 Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme is one of the flagship programmes of the Government of India and represents one of the world’s largest and unique programmes for early childhood care and development.

It is the foremost symbol of country’s commitment to its children and nursing mothers, as a response to the challenge of providing pre-school non-formal education on one hand and breaking the vicious cycle of malnutrition, morbidity, reduced learning capacity and mortality on the other.

The beneficiaries under the Scheme are children in the age group of 0-6 years, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Objectives of the Scheme are:

  • to improve the nutritional and health status of children in the age-group 0-6 years;
  • to lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child;
  • too reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school dropout;
  • to achieve effective co-ordination of policy and implementation amongst the various departments to promote child development; and to enhance the capability of the mother to look after the normal health and nutritional needs of the child through proper nutrition and health education

Services under ICDS

The ICDS Scheme offers a package of six services, viz.

  • Supplementary Nutrition
  • Pre-school non-formal education
  • Nutrition & health education
  • Immunization
  • Health check-up and
  • Referral services

There are 8 ICDS Project in  Dibrugarh district.

Sl NoName of ICDS ProjectNo of SupervisorNo of AWCRemarks


               The SNP under ICDS targets children under six years, adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women to address the problem of under nutrition. In the district the following benefits are provided in the year 2018-19 under the scheme-

  1. Total ICDS project-  8nos
  2. Total AWCs           – 2152Nos.
  3. Amount received for the year-  2018-19    Rs.3,98,87,000
  4. Total beneficiaries- 39,887nos.

Scheme for Adolescent Girl (SAG)

The  key objective of the scheme is to  facilitate , educate  and empower Adolescent Girls so as to enable them  to become self relient and aware citizens .

Objectives :

  1. Enable the AGs for self development and empowerment
  2. Improve the nutritional and health  status 
  3. Promote  awareness about health hygiene , nutrition
  4. Support out of school AGs  successfully transition back to  formal schooling or bridge learning / skill training
  5. Upgrade their home based skills and Life skills.l
  6. Provide informational/ guidance  about existing public service as Primary Health Centers , Rural hospitals ,/ CHCs, Post office , Bank, Police Station etc.

Base line survey of THE SCHEME FOR ADOLESCENT GIRLS (SAGs) for the year 2019-2020,Dibrugarh                                         

Name of ProjectBarbaruahDibrugarhJoypurKhowangLahowalPanitolaTengakhatTingkhongTotal

In 2019

  • Out of school adolescent  girls has provided nutrition as Rice and Pea @Rs 9.5/- per day per beneficiaries . Rice and pea supplied for 150  feeding days  during the month of March 2019 . The fund was for the year 2018-19.
  • Awareness campaign was being conducted  for the use of sanitary napkins . Manstural   Hygiene  Week been Celebrated from 21st  May to 28thn the district .

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