Child And Women Welfare Government of Uttar Pradesh | News & Updates

Child And Women Welfare Government of Uttar Pradesh
Child And Women Welfare Government of Uttar Pradesh

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Child And Women Welfare Government of Uttar Pradesh: In order to give impetus to the development of women and children, the Department of Women and Child Development was established in the year 1989 as a part of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

For the purpose of empowering women, the full-time Women and Child Development Department was established by the state government in the year 1989 with a view to bring momentum in the welfare programs for women, the Directorate of Women Welfare and Child Development Nutrition, has been established at the state level. .

In year 2013, the government has separated the two departments, the Women and Child Development Nutrition and Women Welfare Department has been made separately.

The State Social Welfare Board, established as a state unit of the Uttar Pradesh Control Board and Central Social Welfare Board established under the Orphanage and Aanya Purit Ashram (Supervision and Control 1960), has also been kept under the control of the Women and Child Development Department, So that the maximum benefit of these institutions can be taken.

Child And Women Welfare Government of Uttar Pradesh
Child And Women Welfare Government of Uttar Pradesh

Acting as a national office, this department carries out various schemes, policies and programs for the development of women and children and also implements many rules. It also coordinates with government and non-government institutions, which are contributing to women and child development.

The department organizes many types of programs for women and children. This program talks about other activities like training and production for welfare, employment and income.

This program plays an additional and complimentary role for health education and rural development. All these efforts are made to ensure that women are economically and socially authorized, and they contribute equally to men in national development.

National Women’s Empowerment Mission (NMVW) has also been established by the Government of India, through which work is being done in the direction of empowerment of women through Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, One Stop Center and 181 Women’s Help Line, on the other hand convergence in various Ministries.

From poverty alleviation programs of health, education, nutrition, gender prevailing and defense against gender based violence In coordination, work is being done towards social and economic empowerment of women.

The State Women Empowerment Mission has been constituted by the State Government under the guidelines of the Government of India on Order No.-02 / Sixty-3-15-13 (11) / 14 dated 07.01.2015.

Through the Sakhi Ashajyoti Centers under the Mission (currently 11 districts), the work of organizing women empowerment programs of various departments through convergence from one roof has been started and at the state level Uttar Pradesh Rani Laxmibai Women and Child Honor Fund Violence under Section 4/6 of PAXO read with Section 326A, 304B, 376A, 376C, 376D, Section 4, 6 and 14 and 302 of Paxo Of providing financial assistance to women up to Rs 0 3 million to 10 million for them to be effective for rehabilitation.

Fund has also made provision for providing financial assistance for educational and medical facilities for violence victims and their dependents and financially weak women. The fund has been structured with a budgetary provision of Rs. 100 crores which is committed to increase as per the need and there is a provision for public donations in the fund with the aim of ensuring public participation.

The Ministry has launched the Integrated Child Development Service in UP, the world’s largest and unique program for the development of children, which includes additional nutrients, immunizations, health care, pre-school education and education.

The programs of the various divisions are viewed in full detail and are harmonized. Most of the programs of the Ministry are conducted by NGOs. Efforts are being made to make the participation of NGOs more effective.

National Commission for Women (NCW) Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK), National Nutrition Policy (NNP), Organization of Integrated Child Development Service, Establishment of National Crash Fund, Indira Mahila Yojana (I.M.Y.) and Balika Samridhi Yojana (B.C.Y.) by the Ministry The Rural Women Development and Empowerment Project has been implemented in the form of major policies.

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