Alia Bhatt Secrets Skin Care Tips (Mantra) – Daily Routine – Learn to Alia How to Glow Skin

Alia Bhatt Secrets Skin Care Tips (Mantra) - Daily Routine - Learn to Alia How to Glow Skin
Alia Bhatt Secrets Skin Care Tips (Mantra) - Daily Routine - Learn to Alia How to Glow Skin

Alia Bhatt Secrets Skin Care Tips (Mantra): Alia Bhatt is such a Bollywood actress whose skin is naturally clear and glowing. However, to maintain her beauty, Alia pays a lot of attention from her diet to her lifestyle. Alia Bhatt is very active on social media. She keeps sharing her beauty secrets, fitness videos and other moments of her life with fans.

Alia bhatt Pass Comment on Kangana Ranaut twitter
Alia bhatt Pass Comment on Kangana Ranaut twitter

Recently, Alia Bhatt has shared her skin care tips on her Instagram story. Actually, Alia has not only presented skin care tips but also her makeup kit. While sharing her no makeup photo, Alia has also shared a box which reads “It’s skin care time”. That is, during the night, Alia gives priority to her skin and sleeps by applying night products. Alia says that she takes care of her skin like a child. Let’s know other beauty secrets of Alia- (Alia Bhatt beauty secrets)

Alia’s beauty secret – step morning skincare routine for Health & Glowing Skin

Alia wears herbal mask

Alia Bhatt minimizes the use of makeup products and chemicals. To maintain her beauty, Alia uses more and more herbal products. In a Babar interview, Alia had said that she starts her day with herbal facemask. In this pack, she mixes honey, orange powder and papaya. After letting this pack stay on the face for about 15 minutes, Alia washes the face and then applies moisturizer.

keep yourself hydrated

When your body is hydrated so is your skin. There is no need to apply any kind of makeup or chemical on hydrated skin. By drinking water, the toxins present in the body come out, due to which the glow comes on the face. If you also want beautiful skin like Alia, then drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water daily.

Doesn’t compromise with sleep

Alia Bhatt believes that good and sound sleep not only contributes to better health, but it also affects your skin. When you get enough sleep, your face looks fresh and glowing. Alia Bhatt does not compromise with her sleep at all. This is the reason why Alia looks beautiful even without makeup. Alia sleeps at night after removing her makeup. Because with makeup, the skin does not get a chance to breathe.

Alia’s skin care routine

Alia Bhatt says that she uses less chemical products on her skin.
Apply herbal mask and wash face with clean water.
If Alia does not want to go out, she avoids applying makeup.
Alia Bhatt consumes healthy diet and fruits.
Actress Alia keeps her skin healthy even by keeping herself hydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get flawless skin like Alia Bhatt?

Homemade Face Wash: “If I have enough time, I mix honey with either papaya or orange powder and apply for 15 minutes,” revealed Alia Bhatt. She further added, “I apply little amount of moisturiser and go ahead with the daily chores of life.” Looks like, you have the secret key from her vanity.

Is Alia Bhatt very fair?

She is originally fair skinned. It seems like she has suddenly become fair because she got rid of all her tan. And being into the beauty oriented industry, she takes good care which helps her to subside the harsh affects of sun exposure sooner.

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