Why Is My Period So Heavy? Today Women Health Care News

Why Is My Period So Heavy? Best Women Secret Health Tips
Why Is My Period So Heavy? Best Women Secret Health Tips

Today Latest Ladies Health Tips for Private | Why Is My Period So Heavy? Latest Women Health Tips

Why Is My Period So Heavy? Many women commonly have heavy flow days and cramps when they have their period. But it’s not common to have the medical condition known as menorrhagia, which means “heavy periods.”

If you have this problem, your flow will be so heavy that you’ll need to change your tampon or pad every hour for at least an entire day, and you’ll also have cramps so severe that they’ll stop you from doing your usual activities.

Heavy periods are sometimes caused by subtle health problems, and they can lead to other health issues. If you soak through a pad or tampon every hour or so on a regular basis, talk with your doctor. She may be able to help.

Why Is My Period So Heavy?
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Some women have heavy periods all the time, from their very first menstrual flow. Others may start to have heavy periods after having normal periods for years or decades.

It’s always wise to discuss your heavy periods with your doctor, especially if the problem is new for you. It could lead to anemia (low levels of red blood cells), which can make you feel weak, tired, or out of breath.

Women who have menorrhagia may have to:

  • Change pads or tampons at least once an hour for an entire day or more
  • Change pads in the middle of the night
  • Wear two pads at a time to manage heavy flow

They may also:

  • Skip things they like doing, due to painful cramps
  • Pass blood clots that are the size of quarters
  • Have periods that last longer than 7 days
  • Feel tired or short of breath
  • Bleed between periods
  • Bleed after menopause


There are many reasons why some women have heavy periods. These are some common causes:

Hormone problems. Every month, a lining builds up inside your uterus (womb), which you shed during your period. If your hormone levels aren’t balanced, your body can make the lining too thick, which leads to heavy bleeding when you shed the thicker lining. If you don’t ovulate (release an egg from an ovary), this can throw off the hormone balance in the body, too, leading to a thicker lining and a heavier period.

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