12 Andhadhun Movie Unknown Facts, Box Office Performance, Records, Awards

Andhadhun Movie Unknown Facts, Box Office Performance, Records, Awards
Andhadhun Movie Unknown Facts, Box Office Performance, Records, Awards

“Andhadhun,” directed by Sriram Raghavan, is a gripping and suspenseful thriller that left audiences enthralled with its unexpected twists and brilliant performances. Behind the scenes, the making of the film was just as intriguing. In this article, we uncover lesser-known facts about the movie that showcase the creative process, casting decisions, and inspirations behind this critically acclaimed masterpiece.

Unknown facts about Andhadhun, The Movie – Did you know Ayushmann Khurrana was NOT the first choice?

Andhadhun Movie Unknown Facts: Friends, we are back in front of you again with the next post of ‘Film Ek Remake Many’ section. In today’s post, we will talk about Unknown Facts, Box Office Performance, Records, Awards and all Remake Versions of this film related to Bollywood film Andhadhun. So let’s first talk about the movie ‘Andhadhun’.

Andhadhun’ was a Black-Comedy-Crime-Thriller film made in Hindi language which was released on 5 October 2018. Andhadhun film was directed by Sriram Raghavan who has made many films like Johnny Gaddaar, Agent Vinod and Badlapur in Bollywood apart from Andhadhun.

Talking about the starcast of the film ‘Andhadhun‘, Tabu, Ayushmann Khurrana and Radhika Apte were seen in the lead roles in this film.

Friends, when the director of the film Shriram Raghavan was shooting for Badlapur, he first narrated the script of Andhadhun to Varun Dhawan. But Varun Dhawan could not say yes to this project due to being busy with other films at that time.

15 reasons why you need to watch Andhadhun

After this, Raghavan also talked to Ranbir Kapoor about this project but the matter did not move forward. After all this, as soon as Ayushmann Khurrana came to know about the film, he showed interest in working in it and immediately contacted the director. this, Ayushmann’s screen test was taken immediately and he was finalized.

The film got positive reviews from maximum critics. Also, the popular website IMDB has given this film a tremendous rating of 8.2/10. Apart from all this, this film was also well liked by the audience.

Talking about the box office performance of this film, the budget of the film was around 32 crores. The film had a net collection of about 75 crores at the Indian box office and the film was declared a hit at the box office.

Directed by Sriram Raghavan turned out to be a big surprise both critically and commercially.

Seeing the success found in India, this film was released in China. In China, this film was released under the name Piano Player. The film did tremendous business in China. The film’s total worldwide business was Rs 456 crore with the box office collection of China.

Not only this, IMDB has given this film a place in Top 10 Greatest Indian Movies. Apart from this, this film also became the third most profitable film after Sanju and Padmaavat released in the year 2018.

Friends, this film was successful at the box office as well as was ahead in winning many awards. The film received 58 nominations in different categories that year, out of which the film won 29 awards.

In view of the tremendous success of Andhadhun, so far 2 remakes of this film in Telugu and Malayalam languages ​​have also been made. Not only this, a remake of this film is also being made in Tamil language which is going to be released soon.

Ayushmann Khurrana makes Tabu blush || ANDHADHUN INTERVIEW

AndhaDhun lead stars – Ayushmann Khurrana and Tabu – get candid in an interview with RJ Stutee on Hindustan Times’ celebrity talk show Aur Batao. The actors talk about working with director Sriram Raghavan and why people must watch this film. At least five times, they say.

Ayushmann Khurrana then gets candid about his crush on co-star Tabu which leaves the actress blushing. This is not your regular photoshopped chat show this, but makes hanging out with celebs a whole different (and fun) ballgame. Using her trademark wit and humour, RJ Stutee gets your favorite stars to laugh, share and confess.

How do you explain the ending of the Andhadhun movie of Ayushmann Khurrana?

Andhadhun is a black-comedy crime thriller film (neo-noir themed).

Since you won’t see my answer at the top because I joined the party quite late, therefore I assume you have already come across the various theories above.

The most popular opinions which I have seen (at the time of writing this answer) are:

  • Aakash was drugged and made blind, but in one eye
  • Aakash went ahead with the Doc’s plan, and the fabricated narrative of the rabbit incident in the end with Sophie was just to get hold of her emotions

The top answer said,

  • he was actually blinded in only 1 eye, and was pretending that he is completely blind…”
  • the accident actually happened that’s why he could see the rabbit, and made a stick to its tribute

But this answer didn’t state how Aakash got his cornea transplants.

Unknown Facts about Andhadhun, The Movie

1. Ayushmann Khurrana’s Casting Swap

The film’s original star was intended to be Harshvardhan Kapoor, but Ayushmann Khurrana’s interest in the project led to a change in casting. Ayushmann’s commitment to the role of the blind pianist Aakash led him to take piano lessons from scratch, even though he had no prior knowledge of playing the instrument.

2. Learning the Piano

Ayushmann Khurrana’s dedication to his role extended to learning the piano. Despite not knowing how to play the instrument initially, he took piano lessons to authentically portray the blind pianist’s character. Interestingly, his commitment to learning the piano influenced his son, who also took an interest in the instrument.

3. Studying Blind Characters

To convincingly portray a blind character, Ayushmann Khurrana studied the performances of actors who played blind roles in other films. He drew inspiration from the performances of Naseeruddin Shah in “Sparsh,” Audrey Hepburn in “Wait Until Dark,” and Al Pacino in “Scent Of A Woman.”

4. Inspiration from a French Short Film

Contrary to popular belief, “Andhadhun” was not an entirely original concept. It was based on a French short film called “The Piano Tuner.” However, Sriram Raghavan transformed the original idea into a unique and gripping narrative that resonated with audiences.

5. The Scriptwriting Journey

Initially, the script of “Andhadhun” was supposed to be written by filmmaker Hemanth Rao, a friend of Sriram Raghavan. However, due to his own commitments, Hemanth couldn’t write the script. Sriram started writing it himself but paused upon learning about another film with a blind hero, “Kaabil.” Eventually, he decided to continue writing, embracing the concept of multiple films with blind protagonists.

6. Release of Malayalam Version

Amazon Prime Video released “Bhramam,” the Malayalam version of “Andhadhun,” during the same week as the original film’s release. This decision served as a tribute to the excellence of the original and allowed audiences to experience the story in a different language.

all these remake versions of Andhadhun movie – All Language (Andhadhun Movie Unknown Facts)

Maestro (2021)

First the remake of Andhadhun film was made in the Telugu language in the year 2021. This film was released in Telugu language under the name Maestro.

Keeping in mind the situation of Covid, this film could not be released in theatres, only then the makers decided to release it on OTT. This film was streamed on Disney + Hotstar from 17 September 2021.

Nithiin, Tamannaah and Nabha Natesh were seen in the lead roles in the film. This film got mixed reviews from the critics.

Also, the audience did not give a good response to this film. Even this film has got a rating of 6.8/10 from IMDB.

Brahmam (2021)

After the Telugu remake, in the year 2021 itself, the remake of Andhadhun film was also made in Malayalam language. This film was released in Malayalam language under the name Bhramam. Many actors like Prithviraj Sukumaran, Unni Mukundan, Mamta Mohandas and Raashi Khanna were seen in the film.

Due to Covid, this film could not be released in theaters in India. Makers also released it on OTT. This film was streamed on Amazon Prime Video from 7 October 2021. However, apart from India, this film was released in theaters abroad.

Like Maestro, this film also got mixed reviews from critics. Whereas IMDB has given it a rating of only 5.7/10. Although Prithviraj’s performance was definitely liked by the audience, but on the OTT platform, this film did not get that good response.

Andhagan (2022)

Friends, after Telugu and Malayalam remake, the third remake of Andhadhun film has also been made in Tamil language. The title of this film has been kept Andhagan which is going to be released on 1st July 2022.

Prashanth, Simran and Priya Anand will be seen in the main role in this film. Friends, the rights of the Tamil remake of Andhadhun film were bought in 2019 itself. But due to the director not being finalized and then due to Covid, the shooting of the film got delayed.

Earlier this film was also going to be released in 2021 but due to delay in shooting, this film was completed in February this year.

Now it remains to be seen whether Andhagan also turns out like Telugu and Malayalam remakes or can set a new record at the box office. Well this will be known only after the release of the film.

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