Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – Relationship – Follow the Rules

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – Relationship - Follow the Rules
Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – Relationship - Follow the Rules

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – Relationships are meant to last long and expected to last forever, lovers strive hard to set the ball rolling and ensure the relationship if filled with lots of beautiful and memorable moments but:

What if it doesn’t go well?

if things doesn’t turn out to be the way you always wanted it to be?

What if the beautiful moments turns out to be a night mare and you are confused on what to do?

Well this Girl friend guide to divorce will be teaching you on steps to take quite that relationship the best way.

The main purpose of putting up this post is not to promote divorce in relationships but to look at divorce as the last option in a relationship. Most times the beautiful relationships we started becomes toxic in our lives and if we don’t put a stop to it, it might end up hurting us more than expected.

Few reasons why you should be considering putting an end to your relationship

There are more than enough reasons why putting an end to your relationship is the best option and they include:

When the relationship has no meaning:

This might sound weird but most relationships we find ourselves today has no direct meaning. We keep trying to push it ahead hoping someday the relationship might make sense. But this is not right! Relationships are meant to make meaning from the beginning. Before going into a relationship you are meant to understand why you need each other and how the opposite partner compliments your flaws.

When the relationship is filled with bad energy:

As times goes on you might find it obvious that the opposite partner doesn’t find you attractive or doesn’t see anything positive in you anymore. Issues like this can be as a result of the relationship bringing in a third party or your partner is beginning to lose interest in you. Its right for you to confront them to tell them how you feel and if that doesn’t bring up a positive result you are meant to put the relationship to an end.

When the relationship is getting weak due to lack of communication:

Lack of communication is bad in every relationship. A relationship without communication won’t last for long. Lack of communication comes into a relationship most times when there is a large distance between both partners. If there are no positive solution to this, the last option is putting the relationship to an end.

Repetition of same old ways with no interest to change:

Most relationships are filled with repetition of same bad habit by a partner. It seems like a roller coaster of same thing. The partner has this unwillingness to change this habit which you don’t find attractive. Issues like this aren’t good in a relationship and if not properly taking good care of my result to a divorce been the last option.

Now we have been able to discuss scenarios that can possibly lead to a divorce been the last option and we are going to look at the best girlfriend guide to divorce.

Girlfriend guide to divorce- The steps you should follow

You don’t just bump into your partner screaming you need a divorce. You need to follow the below steps

Be fully ready for the outcome:

You have to be prepared for the outcome of what you want to embark. You should understand that you are about to lose your partner and possibilities of returning back to them might be slimmer.

Decide on the right time and place:

You have to decide on the right place and time to discuss such with your partner. Celebration periods and event centers aren’t the right place. You need to look for a calm and lonely place for this.

Be gentle with your words and let him see reasons:

Be gentle with your words and let them see major reasons why you are fed up with the relationship and why he needs to let it slide. This is very important.

Be ready for your spouse reaction:

You should be prepared for their reaction. No one will find such scenario funny. This can result to them crying, screaming or doing some crazy stuffs

Avoid discussing more in details

After telling them how you feel, the best thing is to leave them alone and go. Do not move on with the discussion or try to explain more than you should.

  • Seek for help/Advice

Its right you go for counselling and move on with your life. You will always find a new person and the right one

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