Nigerian Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Numbers without Agent – Live Cam for Free in Nigeria

Nigerian Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Numbers without Agent - Live Cam for Free in Nigeria
Nigerian Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Numbers without Agent - Live Cam for Free in Nigeria

Rich Sugar Mummy in Abuja, Nigerian Sugar Mummy WhatsApp phone numbers for free

Nigerian Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Numbers: Are you living in Nigeria? Need a sugar mummy in Abuja? Have you been searching for sugar mummies in Nigeria, then this is your lucky day. If you live in Nigeria and want a sugar mummy, this sugar mummy lives in Abuja.

Today we bring to you a sugar mummy from Nigeria that lives in Abuja, This Abuja sugar mummy is very rich and can take care of all your needs and financial problems, she can do anything that you want, all she needs is for you to love and satisfy her and she promised to take care of anything that you want.


Some of you may be wondering if all this rumors about Abuja sugar mummies are true, Yes, there are lots of women in Abuja, Nigeria who are searching for young strong guys who can take care of there bodily needs. These single, divorced or married women lacks the pleasure of having a good man by there side and therefore they find these qualities in younger guys who are able and capable of performing well in bed.

Abuja sugar mummies are not here for chit-chat, they mean business and these rich sugar mummies in abuja are ready to spend big on you. All you have to do is fulfil there desires and they will do anything for you.

Sugar mamas in Abuja are rich, some are politicians and some business women who own most big hotels and companies all over the town. To them, money is not a problem, they just need that right guy for the job, a guy who can understand there every need at any point in time, a guy who will tell her nice things and be loyal to her and love and cherish her.

Nigerian Hottest and Young Sugar Mummy in Nigeria, Phone Numbers, Nigerian Window Women Whatsapp Numbers

Do you want to start dating Young sugar mummy? Then you have come to the right place. Well, before anything else, Let’s define what young actually means.

When I say Young sugar Mummy, I mean Women who are in need of young men to date and love. Their age ranges from 23 years to 40 years.

If you are in need of young and hot sugar mummy in Nigeria, then don’t worry, because we have got you covered. Here is a huge list of their Whatsapp numbers, phone numbers, Facebook profiles of women in need of sugar boys, toyboys for fun. They have the money to spend lavishly on you.

Take note that these young ladies visit this page regularly, and if your brief description of yourself, including height, complexion, what you love doing, age, location, suits them, they’ll contact you.

Sugar Mummy in Lekki Looking A Young Guy Living In Nigeria

Remember, requesting for a sugar mummy WhatsApp number is permitted, BUT sharing it with others is not permitted. It is even more foolish to suffer and get a Sugar momma Whatsapp Number and share it with a friend, you may lose something that will help change your life financially.

Nigerian College Girls Mobile Number for Dating & Meet Stranger Boys & Girls Women Seeking Man How to Impress Nigerian Girls
Nigerian College Girls Mobile Number for Dating & Meet Stranger Boys & Girls Women Seeking Man How to Impress Nigerian Girls

Meet Helen, a beautiful Cougar in Nigeria, currently living in Lekki. This beautiful sugar Mama is searching for a young Guy Living In Lagos or Ogun state. Her husband is a rich Importer who always travels and she wants a younger guy for a relationship based on pleasures ONLY. She promises to pay him handsomely as well. But she needs a well mannered and matured guy.


Now that you know what these abuja sugar mummies really want, here are ways you can get these sugar mummy phone numbers and join abuja sugar mummy whatsapp groups or you can also get them to contact you through your personal emails or phones.

There are many ways for guys to find sugar mummies in abuja but we are here to give you the easy way to get the phone numbers of rich abuja sugar mamas.

You may have been visiting big hotels and restaurants for these women to notice you but to no luck, you might not be doing it right or might be sending the wrong vibe, but here, we provide you with the official site to meet sugar mummies in abuja, lagos, nigeria.

Any sugar mummy listed here on this website is here out of her own free will and she is ready to connect and hookup with any available guy that will give her what she is looking for in a man. Here on this website, you get to meet rich sugar mummies in Nigeria, get phone number of sugar mummies around you, chat and call sugar mummies in your area and also hookup with any of these sugar mummies in abuja nigeria.


Now i cant say this is only the real and working sugar mummy website in Nigeria, there are other loads of website that claim to provide genuine sugar mummy connection but there are only few websites that gives free sugar mummy hookup and connection.

Here on  we connect real sugar mummies from our website to elligible guys who are searching for sugar mummy hookup. Heres the best part, its free, sugar mummy connection from our website is free, we provide sugar hookup without agents. Not all guys are elligible, you have to be good to be selected for a connection.


Before we can get you a sugar mummy from this website, there are things you must do, steps you must take to make things easy for us and we will connect you with sugar mummies according to the information you provided us.

List of Top 20 Sugar mummy Clubs in Nigeria

But currently, it has been brought to our notice, that there are quite a lot of sugar mama clubs in Nigeria, especially in Cities like Lagos state, FCT Abuja, Benin City, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Abeokuta, Kano, etc. This is the place where the rich and wealthy Women goes for a night out. Where they easily catch their fun night out.

Sugar mummy Clubs

However, these clubs are not that easily accessible to everyone, due to tight security, considering the level of securities beefed around these rich ladies. You should know that most sugar mummies we get you connected with, are usually Honorable, wives of Senators, Politicians, Business owners, importers, bankers etc. So they usually work around with security men.

But here on, we can easily get you connected with the very best and hottest sugar mummy clubs in your area.

Best Sugar Mummy Clubs in Nigeria

So, for those that are yet to get connected with sugar mummy here on this platform, but want to meet with them live, then here you go.

You can now checkout these top 10 Sugar mummy Clubs in Lagos, Abuja, Rivers state, Kano, Imo state, etc. There are places where you visit at evening hours to meet rich sugar mummies for free connection.

We took time to research the night clubs that sugar mummy converge every night to find sugar boys.

Please, make sure that you don’t go there embarrassing yourself. These women just want to catch fun, and if you are lucky, you will meet someone that can change your life forever.

Lagos, Abuja, Delta and Port Harcourt Sugar Mummy Whatsapp Numbers

Do you want to WhatsApp numbers of Nigerian Sugar mummies in Lagos, Abuja, Delta, and Port Harcourt? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I have written quite a lot of articles on Sugar Mama’s in Lagos state, and have connected thousands of young Nigerian guys with Women who have helped them financially. You can also get connected with Sugar Mummies in Lagos through this link below;

You know, some of these sugar Momma’s are in need of guys who can make them feel young again? I have decided to share some amazing Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt based Sugar mummy Whatsapp numbers here.

Camzy 080284274**

Due to too Much spammy calls, ONLY those that request for the number via the comment box will be given.

Rich Lagos Sugar Mummy Wants A young Guy To Handle Her Like A Baby

Jennifer is only 30 years old, but thanks to her rich 52 years old Husband, she is very rich. She has her own beauty salons, Shops, and stores scattered around Lagos state.

Here’s the message she sent us

Hi there Stella. I got to know about this website from my friends, whom you have connected with handsome guys. Please, I need serious help.

Am a rich lonely woman residing in Lagos state. Due to the political power wield by my husband, I can’t get a sugar son around me. I want you to connect me with one. Jennifer By name. I am married but live like a single Woman.

She own several businesses In Lagos state, but honestly, Money can not buy me satisfaction. Loneliness is dealing with me all the time. Which is why I decided to reach out to you. I want a young guy who can handle me like a baby.

50 REAL and Instant Sugar Mummy Connections in Nigeria

So today, I decided to share more than 50 real sugar mummies contacts here on this portal. It is actually amazing how far we have come, the connections we have made, and how many persons we have helped get connected with their sugar mummies from Nigeria.

ARE You ready to be helped and get connected FREELY with real sugar mummy in Nigeria? Then you have come to the right place. I will be sharing with you, more than 50 sugar mummies in Nigeria, and almost from the 36 states in Nigeria.

AND Just like I promised, I actually did it. Here, you will get the phone number and WhatsApp group chat of sugar girls, sugar mummies or sugar mummy between 30 years and above, who are eager and interested in dating younger guys. Take note, that all the women in this group are real and have the money to spend on any guy they like.

Meet Mariam from Plateau, Jos

Mariam from Jos is a working class Lady, who is just 27 years old. She is currently searching for a sugar son who is prepared to satisfy her always. Are you interested in dating Miss Mariam from Jos? Then ask for her number in the comment box.

Jennifer in Ekiti State

Are you interested in dating this beautiful Woman? Then let me introduce you to Jennifer, a young and beautiful sugar mummy from Ekiti state. She is 29 years old, and is searching for a Man to marry. Jennifer is very rich and works for Shell Nigeria.

Adenike From London

This sounds confusing, right? Well, Adenike is a very young beautiful girl from Ogun State. However, she recently finished her studies from a prestigious school in London. She is back in Nigeria, and is searching for a Male friend, who can show her around Lagos state.

If you are staying in Lagos state, and would love to connect with Adenike, simply say so in the comment box, and drop your contact details. Her father is very rich, and owns his own Flight company.

Nigeria And South Africa Sugar Mummy Phone Numbers

Nigeria And South Africa Sugar Mummy Phone Numbers – Nigeria and South Africa sugar mummy phone numbers and today we have decided to share more Nigeria and South Africa sugar mummy phone numbers.

Amarachi – Meet Amarachi, a 24 yrs old who resides in Abuja. She is fun to be with and if you wanna have fun, lots of fun with a lady like Amarachi, call her on 02079872666.

Kate From Lagos State – Sexy Nigerian Sugar Mummies IMO Numbers

Are you interested in Dating this young and sexy looking girl? Kate hails from Lagos State, and is currently working for MTN Nigeria. She needs a young man that can be her friend.

If you are a guy and lives within Lagos state, then Katie would love to be your friend. She is currently staying in Lagos state and working for MTN Nigeria. Money is not her problem. To get Katie phone number, simply drop a comment, requesting for it.

Monica From Abuja – High Profile Nigerian Sugar Mummy

Hey there, give me a moment, let me appreciate the beauty of Monica, who currently lives in Abuja.

Monica is a sugar girl who currently resides in Abuja. She is quite wealthy and needs a young guy to spend her money with. Monica is a wealthy sugar momma from Abuja, and you can connect with her here free, without agent fee. You can now hookup with her, by requesting for her number in the comment section below.

Jessy From Port Harcourt – Hottest Nigerian Sugar Mummy Mobile Numbers

Meet Jessy from Port Harcourt. Jessy is currently staying with her rich Uncle who don’t want her to leave the house. He’s quite strict and only allows her to go to her private school.

She is currently in her final year, and is searching for a young educated guy, between the age of 24 – 30years for a meaningful relationship. Her uncle is very rich, and money is not their problem. You can connect with Jessy below, using the comment box to request specifically, for her phone numbers.

Meet Chidinma From Onitsha – Black Nigerian Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers

Hello there. I would love to introduce you to Chidinma, who currently resides in Onitsha. Chidinma is a young graduate who is very rich. She owns her multi Million Boutique in Onitsha, where she sells Female designers cloths.

Due to her overload work time, she currently needs a guy that can create time for her at the slightest opportunity. If you know you are ready for a relationship with Millionaire Chidinma, contact her below.

Joy From Akwa Ibom – Get Free Nigerian Sugar Mummy Phone Numbers

Joy is an absolutely gorgeous lady with Money. She runs one of the biggest Shopping Mall in Akwa Ibom state. Where the biggest politicians residing within the state, comes to shop, including their families. Many have wondered if she truly owns the business.

But few knew she studied Business in Uniuyo and started the business small, with Loans from the bank, she built the shopping mall, and is now a Multi Millionaire. Joy is searching for a strong man that can make her happy and satisfied. If you are ready, you can get her contacts below. Use the comment box, drop your name, location, phone number and asked for Joy’s phone number.

Aish From Kano – Rich Nigerian Sugar Mummy Mobile Numbers

It surprises so many persons to know that Aisha is still single. No doubt, she is really shy and don’t talk alot. However, since her Uncle is a Senator and her dad, a rich Exporter, many think she is proud and don’t want to associate with others.



This is just like going for a job interview, everything is based on packaging and presentation. But before talking on presentation, let us talk about Packaging.

Here is how to package yourself to get a sugar mama in Naija.

  • You have to get an attractive haircut, get a great haircut, correct masculine wears to show off what you have.
Abuja Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship Nigerian Girls Phone No. Dating, Chatting
Abuja Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship Nigerian Girls Phone No. Dating, Chatting


This is very important, as in, this is one of the most important of all tips. Even if you know how to pack well, you must know and learn how to spot sugar mummy by first sight.

One of the most outstanding and triking features in them is that they refuse to look old, even when they are in their late 50s. They wear clothes like their children, with tantalizing make-ups and great hairdo.

Hey! Look at the way they move – just like fashion cat-working. Yes! She’s the one. Now you know them, get them talking and introduce yourself as a friend.


This is where you start making them notice you and get into their good boy. Here, you get them to notice you by offering to help them. Be sharp enough and look around, then quickly discover how you can approach her.

If she’s one of them, you are in luck because the game will change hand after a few moves and few chats on WhatsApp.


This is the final, but not the last one. If you really want to know where to find a sugar mama in Nigeria, then here are the best places to go looking for them.

You can find them everywhere – malls, bus stops, markets, cyber cafes, Wedding occasions, etc. The lists of places where you can find a sugar momma in Nigeria are endless and it’s left for you to be smart and know the right location.

Conclusion of World Girls Portal:

As you can see, we have shared above, the collection of girls mobile numbers seeking friendship online. Take note that these girls are beautiful, intelligent, obedient, loyal and humble. Yes, they also want a guy with the same quality.

I hoped that you will wisely use these girls’ phone numbers above to chat with and make new friends. Don’t go insulting, or asking for money, scholarship, accommodation, etc. You’ll be blocked.

Finally, if you need anything else, or have inquiries, questions you would love us to answer, kindly use the comment box below to reach us. We’ll be updating this page with more updated World Girls Portal Latest News & Update.

Join World Girls Portal by clicking on the link provided FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest using the share buttons below.

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  1. Madam Joy you catch my eyes am 20 years old…….091243961 that’s my WhatsApp number and you feel free to call please I want your feed back I will be glad Thank you

  2. I am Chinedu from Imo state looking for a sugar mummy and ready to leak and make you shiver.wa/me on: +2348106350618

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  4. Hello beautiful KATE, I like u, pls can I have ur number… My name is Louis Maile and I’m from Edo state but reside in Ibafo Ogun state, NIGERIA. I’m looking for a beautiful and intelligent woman who knows what she wants from life. And you seem to perfectly fit the description! my WhatsApp number is +2348133955680. I will be glad to receive a message back❤️❤️❤️

  5. My Names Are: Udeojo Chukwuemeka Fedrick Madison I Am 28 Years Old. I Am Interested In Sugar Mummies. I Am From Enugu State But Base In Lagos State You Can Reached Me Through This Numbers: 2349153251552/ 2349153251551/ 23481 41365090/ 2349019879362. Calling & Text Message Is Accepted & Available. Thanks & God Blessed Us All.


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