WhatsApp Girls Numbers for Online Friendship (888+ Single Girl Profile List) in The World

WhatsApp Girls Numbers for Online Friendship (888+ Single Girl Profile List)
WhatsApp Girls Numbers for Online Friendship (888+ Single Girl Profile List)

WhatsApp Girls Numbers for Online Friendship: If you are too shy to talk to girls in real life. So in such a situation, you will not have any girl’s Whatsapp number with you. Because girls are not more attracted than shy boys.

That is why you can get out your inner shyness by talking to them through Online Girls Whatsapp number. With which you can frequently talk to any girl in your life without hesitation.

But for this, first, you have to get rid of the hesitation inside you. And here the Girls Whatsapp number is given. Through it, you can also talk to girls to know about them to get out your shyness.

There must be one such partner in everyone’s life. So that they can share them every happiness and sorrow with each other. And especially if you have a girlfriend as a partner.

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Cute Girls WhatsApp Numbers – World

So that’s even better. Because no one can understand your pain better than girls. And that is why here we are going to provide a list of more than 888+ Real Girls Whatsapp numbers. With which you can talk to them and share your heart with them. And if you want to talk to girls from other countries on Whatsapp.

So you should know the language there. Because if they are Russian. And you will talk in Hindi or any Indian language. Then they will not understand. Due to this your friendship will not increase.

The way boys keep looking for girls to do friendship. Similarly, girls who do not have any friends in real life. They also keep looking to make new friends through social media. That’s why they share their Whatsapp number on different social media or the internet. So that boys can do friendship with them.

Barkha Jain031504589

Tourist Girls WhatsApp Numbers List – Visitor Foreigner Meet and Get WhatsApp Numbers

And by searching for the same Whatsapp number, here we have prepared a list for you. In which the Whatsapp number of every type of girl is present. Here we have given below the Whatsapp number of girls of the country like Indian, Tamil, Telugu, Pakistani, and Philippines.

New Mexico Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Fun America USA Girl Skype, Snapchat, WeChat ID
Rashmi Samal+91-374728374
Kalpna+91 503726783
Anisha Biswal+91-678531296
Mamata Mallik+91 765474069
Srabani Thakur+91 681891747
Urmila+91 283629170
Tanuja Samal+91 654766051
Ananya+91 057052340

If you do not get a Whatsapp account on any of the numbers given below. Or there is no reply to your message from any Whatsapp number. So don’t be restless. Because not everyone is online all the time. You can try by messaging on any other Girls Whatsapp Number. And whomever you message for Friendship. Talk to them with respect. Because girls want the most respect. This makes those girls attracted to you sooner.

College Girls WhatsApp Numbers

Remember, Indian girls, are a bit shy and respectable. That’s why you always talk to them well. With this, there will be chances of your friendship becoming stronger soon.

Name-Anisha Biswal
Status- Make sure you give me your Bank code before u die !!
+91 67754735

Name-Mamata Mallik
Status-Speaking is easier than doing in real.
+91 532367891

Name-Honey Sahoo
Status-You won’t believe how fast my heart beats when I don’t see you?
+91 77883638

Name-Monsoon Samal
Status-Whatsapp bro !!
+91 88354688

Teachers WhatsApp Numbers

Here the list of Whatsapp numbers of all the girls is given. They are all Teachers girls. Because teachers girls are more fond of friendship. They love to make new friends. All the numbers are being shared here. They are all the very latest. And all of them are active users. The advantage of this is that the chances of getting your reply from all these numbers will be very high.

Shanmuga priya976980376
kovai itam305798794

House Wife WhatsApp Numbers (Housewives)

Many people find their Housewives WhatsApp number to do friendship with girls. So many people spend their time. Kayo all talk to girls just to have fun. And housewives girl is perfect for all these things.

Along with being friends with you, she will also be ahead in spending time with you. Because their people spend most of their time at home. In such a situation, they only get social media to have fun. If you also want to be friends with Housewives girls. So you can try the below given House Wife WhatsApp number.

Kavita+91 9828 3506
Shila+91 8774 7681
Punam+91 79214811
PAYAL+91 66689005
Swati+91 82747503
Lovely+91 06167159
Aasha+91 09662002
Devika+91 90556855
Mitali+91 65453919

Divorced Women Girls WhatsApp Numbers

Divorced boys are more passionate to find Divorced Girls Whatsapp Numbers for friendship and chat. You can impress an Indian girl on Whatsapp easily but you need to have their Whatsapp number.

This post will give trusted and Real Divorced Women Whatsapp Numbers of World and then you can call them for making long relationships.

Name-Srabani Thakur
Status– Life is way important than you think therefore you must not leave things for tomorrow !!
+91 681891747
Status– Romantic Attitude
Age– 21
+91 28362970
Name-Tanuja Samal
Status– Don’t look for happiness in the same place
+91 654766051
Status– Hot Mood
+91 563094628
Status– Lovely Behavior
Name-Sarita Hota
Status– Call me later because Life is not short as you think
+91 503726783, +91 281891747

Lawyer Girls WhatsApp Numbers

If you are searching for Girls Number on google then this post for you. Here we are sharing Real 100+ Girls WhatsApp Number List of every country. Using these numbers you can make new friends on WhatsApp and even if any girls want to be in a relationship with you, you can also be her boyfriend. isn’t it cool? Let’s read the Complete post.

Name-Sunita Majhi
Status– A girl adding you to her Whatsapp is a modern sign of trust
+91 354766051
Name-Harapriya Pradhan
Status– A beautiful face, age, and perfect body will change, but a beautiful soul will always be beautiful…
+91 2354766052
Name-Nirupama Khan
Status– Can’t talk Whatsapp only
+91 154766054
Name-Anisha Biswal
Status– Make sure you give me your Bank code before u die !!
+91 698754735
Name-Mamata Mallik
Status– Speaking is easier than doing in real.
+91 4532367891
Name-Honey Sahoo
Status– You won’t believe how fast my heart beats when I don’t see you?
+91 1277883638

Business Women WhatsApp Numbers

Below are the Business Women WhatsApp Numbers, Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship, Girls Whatsapp Numbers List, Whatsapp Number Girls, Online Girls Whatsapp Number, Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number App.

You can talk to the numbers given by Whatsapp, rising above the caste religion from these numbers, talk about love to people and create a loving environment in the world.

Share love without any discrimination, greed, this will increase love in the society and learn something from the people of the world from their life and inspire other people to do some good in life.

  • Habiba 0321-1197755
  • Sariya  0322-4726800
  • Adeeba  0307-4514373
  • Hina 0303-4123099
  • Aroosa   0305-9678021
  • Sheeza 0334-6181995
  • Sidra  0333-4241374
  • Sadia    0321-6485254
  • Sadia  0344-6437253
  • Heer  0300-7847567
  • Nazia  0302-3392970
  • Sobia  03314748143
  • Mahrukh  0333-4843221
  • Heer  0332-4267567
  • Sana  0306-4587829
  • Tania  0335-4700488
  • Saba  0300-4638738
  • Sonia  0344-4650104
  • Anum  0342-3803978
  • Nigaar  0334-4590223

Nurse WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship

if you are alone and single and don’t have any female friends then you can use these numbers to make new friends on WhatsApp.

Many people think that there is a girl he can talk to But due to having no female friends, they get frustrated and feel depressed.

Ananya19+91 057052340
Somya35+91 735267934
Deepika19+91 393213672
Nini20+91 36480966
Usha23+91 364893007
Chumki26+91 593749474
Susmita21+91 473930969
Renu25+ 91 377394758
Shreya20+91 352892804
Pari Soni19+91-382791736

House Worker Girls WhatsApp Numbers – Kamwali Bai Contact Numbers

The lack of girls in life is a big drawback. Every boy wants a girl in his life so that he can talk a lot. He can share his happiness and sorrow with her but due to lack of female friends, he is unable to do so. If you are also one of them, then we have brought this list of girls’ numbers to fill this gap in you.

Name-Amna Javed
Status– Your attitude may hurt me, But mine can Kill You!
+93 129272848
Name-Javeria Iqbal
Status– If you like me Then raise your hand, If not then raise your standard.
+92 375545450
Name-Faiza Malik
Status– Be happy age
Status– Before you judge me, Make sure that you’re perfect.
+92 030075422651
Name-Nimra Mehmood
Status– I don’t care for people, who don’t care for me.
Status– Life led me down a path, I didn’t foresee, yet I winded upright, where I was meant to be.
Status– I like to dream the impossible because dreams do come true.
Name-Mariya Khan
Status– I’m the way I’m and I will always be.

Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for friendship

Aunty is always a mystery than men. The Indian Aunty is a great personality, that can man are falling in love. So I request you if you try the below number for love purposes then forget about that because it can use only for Friendship purposes with Mallu Aunty.

Real Aunty Mobile Numbers for friendship in Indian World Fun Club Love Marriage Find Life Partner
Real Aunty Mobile Numbers for friendship in Indian World Fun Club Love Marriage Find Life Partner
  • Alina  0305-4459002
  • Humaira  0332-4385669
  • Saba  0312-4655843
  • Naila  0331-4789004
  • Daniya  0300-4690081
  • Mehwish   0312-4683400
  • Pinky  0334-4791280
  • Bisma  0312-4654556
  • Aleema 0312-4656670
  • Shahida  0335-4657900
  • Sidra  0345-2487009
  • Rubab  0312-5714599
  • Rahila  0333-4890089
  • Maria 0331-4344544
  • Timmy  0300-4241387
  • Anam  0321-4857980

College Professor WhatsApp Numbers

Along with this, there are some boys who do not know how to talk to girls, simply because of this, they are not able to dare to talk to a girl. So with the help of these WhatsApp numbers of girls, they can learn to talk to them by befriending them.

Thousands of people are searching girls WhatsApp numbers, WhatsApp dating numbers or just WhatsApp numbers on the internet every day so that somehow they get girls numbers and they can befriend them.

Name-Amna Javed
Status– Relation of friendship is greater than the relation of blood.
Name-Neelam Jutt
Status– It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.
Name-Saadia Imam
Status– I’m the girl with dreams on my way to becoming a woman with a vision.
Status– I may not be the best, but I know that I am not like the rest.
Name-Sana Bhati
Status– Sweet as sugar. Cold as ice. Hurt me once, I’ll break you twice.
Status– If I was meant to be controlled I would have come with a remote.
Status– Don’t compare me to other girls. There’s no competition. I’m one of a kind.
Status– Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class.
Status– A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.

School Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friends

Hey, American do you wanna get dating Real Girls Whatsapp Numbers in the USA so you are in the right position. Here you will get Real School Girls WhatsApp Numbers in the USA for dating.

I have seen that most Asian countries’ peoples also looking for School girls WhatsApp numbers. If your English language sounds full then you must try these numbers. See the below list.

Are you looking for 14 to 16 age of girl mobile numbers? Then your dream is to fulfill. Below are listed some teenage girl mobile numbers whose ages are between 14 to 16.

Name-NainaStatus-I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me.
+33 278 345 6781
Name-Lisa Khan
Status-Be the girl with not just beauty, but also swag.
+92 2356738678
Name-Julana Goswami
Status-As if I’m on fire from within, the Moon lives in the lining of my skin.
+91 5675756709
Name-Sunita kanduaa
Status-Be such a good soul that people crave your vibes.
+91 227546532
Status-My attitude is relative. I’ll have to explain it with the theory of relativity.
+33 189 345 6789
Status-Her attitude kinda savage but her heart is pure gold.
+33 278 236 7845
Status-I’m tough, ambitious, and know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.
+1 256200102
Status-It’s the heart of gold and stardust that make a girl beautiful.

Hostel Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Fun & Enjoy

If you want to befriend a girl through WhatsApp or want to go on a date, then you must have also searched Whatsapp dating numbers, WhatsApp dating groups, girls Whatsapp numbers for friendship or WhatsApp numbers for chat. That’s why you have come to our website.

Delhi University Girls WhatsApp Number for Friendship, Live Chat, Hostel Girls, Campus Student for True Love
Delhi University Girls WhatsApp Number for Friendship, Live Chat, Hostel Girls, Campus Student for True Love
Status-I’ll never be perfect, but I can be better.
+1 2025550104
Status-Girls who don’t ask for much, deserve it all.
+1 315 417 9337
Status-Once a queen, always a queen.
+1 210 460 4151
Status-My life, my rule, that’s my attitude…
+1 315949 3958
Status-I live, I love, I fight, I cry, but I never give up.
+1 748 464 3457
Name-Alexia Shan
Status-Be a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class.
+1 675 546 6729
Status-Stop asking for faithful girls, when you are too busy chasing hoes.
+1 546 236 4547
Name– Lily
Status-No matter how many people give me advice, I am going to do what my heart tells me to do.
315949 3959
Status-Changing my relationship status from ‘SINGLE’ to ‘STILL SINGLE’.
Status-Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.
+1 315949 3968

NRI Ladies WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship

Name-Anna Aunty
Status-I value the person I have become because I fought hard to become her.
+7 345 456 7892
Status-I have both the angel & the demon inside me. Who do you ask for?
+7 467 789 8921
Name-Sonam Aunty
Status-A girl should be like a Butterfly. Pretty to see and hard to catch.
Name-Bama Aunty
Status-The way you carry a style reflects your personality.
Name-santhi Aunty
Status-Be picky with selfies and pickier with men.
Status-Be happy
Name-Anushka Aunty
Status-Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown.
Status-Listen to your heart above all other voices.
+7 184 789 4567

Bhabhi WhatsApp Numbers for Dosti

Status-I’m not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.
Status-I will not allow anything outside of myself to determine my happiness.
Status-I know I’m a handful but that’s why you got two hands.
Name-ShreyaStatus-A little black dress is one of girl’s best friends.Age-247352892804

TikTok Model Girls WhatsApp Numbers

Status-Better to be the one who smiled than the one didn’t smile back.
Status-I’m not mean, I’m brutally honest. It’s not my fault truth hurts. Here’s a band-aid.
Status-No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy.
Status-I keep ego and attitude always in my pockets so that I can use it when my self-respect and sentiments are being tested by people.

Instagram Super Model WhatsApp Numbers

Instagram Super Model whatsapp numbers for friendship and chatting. You can’t get real Instagram Model Girls mobile numbers on the internet but here you will get easily all mobile numbers. see list.

Status-I love being a girl. I love my identity as female, and I would never trade it for the world. Being a girl is truly an amazing thing.
+1 205 740 3670
Name-Anik Jain
Status-I run on coffee, sarcasm, and lipstick.
Status-Good girls are bad girls, who never get caught.
+1 567 578 9984
Status-Take care of Your Status, don’t be caretaker of My Status!

Facebook Girls WhatsApp Numbers

Name-Shella Esre
Status-Every girl’s dream is to eat without getting fat.
+880 7786653478
Status-Oh, so you wanna argue, bring it. I got my CAPS LOCK ON.
+880 24654698765
Name-Mamata Begam
Status-Chase your dreams. In high heels of course.
+880 1746846666
Name-Caanvian Pradhan
Status-It’s not your job to like me. It’s mine.
+55 273 456 3457

Other WhatsApp Numbers of Single Females

1. Name: Asian
Age: 24
Location: Singapore
Number: +65 8524 4588

2. Name: Pamela
Age: 24
Location: Singapore
Number: +65 8267 7949

3. Name: Nova
Age: 22
Location: Toronto
Number: (647) 528-0768

4. Name: Mary
Age: 22
Location: Toronto
Number: (416) 930-9895

5. Name:Tada
Age: 24
Location: Dubai
Number: +971 9177218485

6. Name: Ting
Age: 21
Location: Dubai
Number: +971 56 121 1909

7. Name: Saugus
Age: 29
Location: Boston
Number: (212) 518-8929

Dancer Bar Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship

Name-Helen roberts
Status-Girls are simply adorable ? that’s all thank you.
+1 23765976745
Name-Lydia Bulter
Status-I’m a girl…Don’t touch my hair, face, phone, or boyfriend.
+1 2376676876
Name-Leeann Whitelaw
Status-It only takes one bad boyfriend to realize that you deserve so much more.
+1 2939556590
Status-I am a girl. I don’t smoke, drink or party every weekend. I don’t sleep around or start a drama to get attention. Yes, we do still exist.
+1 248 464 3457

Desi Village Girls WhatsApp Number – gaon ki ladkiyon ke number

Status-If you love her, don’t ever make her cry.
+90 2563563613
Status-I got it from my mama.
+90 5647890775
Name-Elif Nur
Status-Be fearless, be kind, be you.
+351 3276535986
Status-Every woman is her own kind of beautiful.
+90 2563563613

Funny Girls WhatsApp Numbers

  • Name-Dalilah
  • Status-I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.
  • Age-19
  • +20492847284
  • Name-Cliupatra
  • Status-If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.
  • Age-21
  • +20328284823
  • Name-samira
  • Status-I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.
  • Age-19
  • +20-0112954416303
Name-Devitha Pavani
Status-People say nothing’s impossible, but I do nothing everyday.
+91 2521254898
Status-I don’t need to explain myself, I know I’m right.
Name-Niviya Vundavalli
Status-My door is always open so feel free to leave.
Name-Jhanshi Mudiraj
Status-I.m cool but global warming made me HOT
Status-Love is easy but queen is busy.
Status-When I’m good I’m best , when I’m bad I’m worst.
Status-I’m Not Special , I’m Just Limited Edition.

Why Whatsapp Is The Best Platform For Chatting?

One thing that can make Whatsapp different from other social media platforms is that no advertisement and also have a smooth and user-friendly structure in whatsapp.

Whatsapp is the best place to start a friendship with girls. If you are like chats than other features like voice calling, video calling then whatsapp must be your first choice because it is so easy to chat with friends and family.

Signup or registration on whatsapp is so easy. Just you have to need one mobile number and enter your numbers you will receive an OTP message which includes 6 digits code and you just enter that code and your whatsapp account has been active and enjoy. 

Whatsapp giving you the best feature of emoji and stickers which you can make your chat beautiful. Do you know? that impressive chat using emojis and stickers makes a perfect impression on our loved ones.

I know you enjoy here and don’t need to go to another blog for getting real girls whatsapp numbers. After reading this complete article you have many real girls numbers.

Top 7 Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls WhatsApp Numbers in The World

Everyone wants a boy to befriend a beautiful girl. By the way, beauty is in someone’s eyes. Somebody likes one’s eyes and some likes hair, some likes hands, and some likes the body. So there is no definition of beauty. But still, we have brought for you the girls mobile number from such countries in the world. The countries whose girls are considered the most beautiful.

Turkey Girls Whatsapp Number

Turkey girls are considered the most beautiful girls in the world, so we are putting them at the top of the list. girls of Turkey look like a queen. After seeing them, men can not easily remove their eyes from them. The beauty of the girls here easily fascinates anyone’s mind. so if you want to be friends of turkey girls you can use these Turkey Girls WhatsApp numbers.

Philippines Girls Number For Chatting

The Philippines women really deserve attraction. Philippines girl’s beauty can be praised in words but there is also a girl in this world who is not possible to praise in words. she is my girlfriend, about her I will not give you much information. Well if you want to befriend Philippines girls then you can do with these numbers.

United States of America / Canada Girls Number For dating

Cameron Diaz is the most beautiful girl in the USA. if you want to be friends with American girls. you can use numbers given by us. let me tell you the best thing about Women of America that they are very open minded and can be your friends easily. So just save the number and start chatting on WhatsApp.

Name: Ashley
Age: 21
Location: Montreal, Canada
Whatsapp Number: +1*********

Name: Arielle
Age: 25
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Whatsapp Number: +1*********

Name: Chloe
Age: 20
Location: Toronto, Canada
Whatsapp Number: +1*********

Britain Girls Mobile Number

Women of Britain are considered to be second to beautiful women. Because the women here are very attractive with different colors and different looks. You can find their beauty by looking at Naomi Watts, who is the most beautiful woman in Britain. If you want to do friendship with the women of Britain, you can chat with girls from Britain Girls WhatsApp Numbers and also make friends.

Chinese girls Whatsapp Numbers for friendship

Name: Coco
Age: 25
Location: Guangzhou, China
Whatsapp Number: +86*********

Name: Nana
Age: 23
Location: Shenzhen, China
Whatsapp Number: +86*********

Name: Mei
Age: 21
Location: Guangzhou, China
Whatsapp Number: +86*********

South Africa girls Whatsapp Numbers to chat with

Name: Nandi
Age: 20
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Whatsapp Number: +27*********

Name: Kulli
Age: 24
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Whatsapp Number: +270824819450

Name: Lisa
Age: 25
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Whatsapp Number: +27*********

UK girls WhatsApp numbers for friendship

If you are looking for women whose body is in perfect shape. Where the length of women is more than 5 feet. If you look very poisonous, then you should befriend the girls of the Netherlands, because this is a country where women fulfill every imagination of men. Whom you can also call your dream girl. So use these WhatsApp numbers of girls to make them friends.

Name: Amira
Age: 20
Location: Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Whatsapp Number: +44*********

Name: Sophia
Age: 23
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Whatsapp Number: +44*********

Name: Love
Age: 25
Location: London, United Kingdom
Whatsapp Number: +44*********

Malaysian Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Chat

Name: Joanne
Age: 23
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Whatsapp Number: +60*********

Name: Erica
Age: 19
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Whatsapp Number: +60*********

Name: Sandy
Age: 20
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Whatsapp Number: +60*********

Belgian Girls Whatsapp Numbers for friendship

Name: Monica
Age: 21
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Whatsapp Number: +32*********

Name: Julian
Age: 25
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Whatsapp Number: +32*********

Name: Mikki
Age: 25
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Whatsapp Number: +32*********

Spanish girls WhatsApp numbers for chat

Name: Olina
Age: 24
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Whatsapp Number: +34*********

Name: Ekaterina
Age: 25
Location: Alicante, Spain
Whatsapp Number: +34*********

Name: Nayara
Age: 22
Location: Ibiza, Spain
Whatsapp Number: +34*********

Brazilian girls WhatsApp Numbers for friendship

Name: Leona
Age: 23
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Whatsapp Number: +55*********

Name: Luisa
Age: 24
Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil
Whatsapp Number: +3*********

Name: Nathalie
Age: 26
Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil
Whatsapp Number: +55*********

5100+ Original Indian Girls WhatsApp Numbers with Picture - Meet New People On Social Media
5100+ Original Indian Girls WhatsApp Numbers with Picture – Meet New People On Social Media

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Name: Kalpna
Age: 19
Mobile number: +91-*********
Location: Agra
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship
Mobile Company: Airtel

Name: Aasha
Age: 24
Mobile number: *********
Location: Mumbai
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship
Mobile Company: Airtel.

Name: Shiverna Servai
Age: 18
Mobile number: +91*********
Location: Chennai
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

Conclusion of World Girls Portal | World Fun Club

Finally, if you need anything else, or have inquiries, questions you would love us to answer, kindly use the comment box below to reach us. We’ll be updating this page with more updated WhatsApp Girlfriends numbers seeking friendship online.

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