Priyanka Chopra Latest Interview with Oprah Winfrey, She said a big thing about India’s religion – World Girls News Portal

Priyanka Chopra Latest Interview with Oprah Winfrey, She said a big thing about India's religion - World Girls News Portal
Priyanka Chopra Latest Interview with Oprah Winfrey, She said a big thing about India's religion - World Girls News Portal

Priyanka Chopra Latest Interview: Bollywood and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has recently given an interview to Oprah Winfrey. In which he has made many revelations related to his life. Has also spoken openly on some topics. A promo video of the show has surfaced in which Priyanka shares many things about India’s religion. Priyanka shares her experience of Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions and Oprah also seems to agree with them.

Bollywood Actress Priyanka spoke about India’s religion

Actually, Oprah says to Priyanka that religion is a big factor in India. Priyanka says that she has seen all religions very closely since childhood. Priyanka says that I have studied in a convent school, so I saw Christian culture up close. My father used to sing in the mosque, so information about Islam was also received. I myself grew up in a Hindu family, so here I came to know everything about my religion. Yes, religiosity is a very big part of India that you cannot ignore. Actually, Priyanka had come to promote her book Unfinished in Oprah’s show where she made many revelations.

Indian Actress Priyanka believes in a power

Priyanka further said that her late father Ashok Chopra always taught her that the path of all religions leads to only one God. If I am a Hindu, then the face of prayer in that form, whose two religions are the same face, but the power is the same. Priyanka said that there is a temple in my house and I often worship there but I believe that there is a power that connects everyone.

World Hollywood Girl Priyanka explained the reason for writing the book

Oprah also asked Priyanka about her book, why did she need to write her book at such a young age? Priyanka told that as a woman I now feel more secure and safe. When I was 20, there were a lot of fears that have now been left behind. Now I am full of confidence. I got more time in lockdown due to which I completed my book. I started writing in the year 2018 but could not finish due to being busy.

Priyanka made many revelations in the book

Let us know that Priyanka has made many revelations in her book Unfinished. He had told that he had hidden his boyfriend inside the cupboard at school time. However she was caught by her aunt. Priyanka had told that when she sang the song in these moy city, it was ruined by the lewd and scary comments of many people. He even received gang rape threats.

There was a demand to take clothes off in the song

Priyanka also revealed her career in the book. He had said that he had to leave the film midway due to the director’s demand to wear clothes that were not at par. Priyanka also told that Salman Khan had also put that director’s class. Not only this, when she went to meet the director in connection with a film in the early days of her career, she was advised for plastic surgery. Priyanka told that she was staring at my whole body and then asked for breast and butt surgery. He has to do this to become an actress, he told this thing. My manager also told me to do so, saying his words were correct. Because of which I was very hurt.

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