Short Film Blindspot, ft Anupriya Goenka » Free Download HD Movie » News & Updates

Short Film Blindspot, ft Anupriya Goenka » Free Download HD Movie » News & Updates
Short Film Blindspot, ft Anupriya Goenka » Free Download HD Movie » News & Updates

Top Short Film BLINDSPOT ft. Anupriya Goenka | A Wife’s Dilemma | The Short Cuts | International Women’s Day

Short Film Blindspot, ft Anupriya Goenka: When Pooja finds out about her husband having an affair she along with the help of her friend try to turn things around in her marriage without confronting the husband. In the course of the plan things that were unknown to her about herself and her marriage surface . Just when Pooja thinks, that things might just getting better she gets hold of information that takes her by surprise.

There’s a lot of Bollywood movies that give you solid relationship advice- DDLJ teaches you to marry the creep who waves your bra in your face, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai taught you that a guy will only love you once you’re pretty and feminine and so on and so forth.

Director : Tania Deohans
Actor Male : Diganta Hazarika
Actor Female : Anupriya Goenka

Romantic Actress Anupriya Goenka speaks at India Web Fest 2020 – ‘Short Film Blindspot, ft Anupriya Goenka’

Here’s another short film that gives you equally crappy advice- ignore your relationship problems till things get out of hand. Blindspot starring Padmaavat actress Anupriya Goenka and Mohenjo Daro actor Diganta Hazarika is the story of a couple who’ve not figured out how the concept of marriage works. She, along with the help of a friend, try to ‘fix’ her marriage without confronting her husband. Okay kids, side note- if your relationship is in troubled waters, communication is the only thing that’ll help you salvage it.

Pooja’s plan is to be cold and distant (because that’s what Romance should do, play hard to get) and just as she thinks that things are getting better, she comes to realize that her husband wan’t cheating on her. Happy ending, we think, but just as the film’s about to end… there’s a twist.

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