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They are everywhere – on magazines, billboards, television and runways, turning heads and bringing the traffic to a halt with their oomph and panache. Theirs are the faces and waistlines whom the teens admire and the rest of the world envies. You have spotted them campaigning for big brands or pouting on the cover pages of fashion magazines. These ramp-stompers are real-life trendsetters, the fashion divos or divas, the style gods or goddesses whom the world looks up for their dose of fashion, style cues, and lot more. They are models who keep redefining world fashion in bat of an eye. America, the land of stylish people, has produced a swarm of supermodels — male and female — who have revved up the fashion quotient of the world like no other. From Cindy Crawford to Kate Upton and Heidi Klum to Vaughn Lowery, America’s contribution to the fashion world has been colossal. Read the biography, trivia, timeline and facts on some of America’s most famous models to ever trot the ramp.