Boys WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship – Make a Boyfriend’s for Love

Boys WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship – See 1000+ Boys Profile for Chatting - Make a Boyfriend's
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Boys WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship: HI!!!! Am glad to share Boys Whatsapp Number with you. I basically created this group to connect all guys who want to make friends online, also to all who are on the internet digging for cute Boys Phone Numbers to add on WhatsApp for a chat.

Girls, it’s time to meet with Mr handsome that you have been searching for on the internet; Get one number and add it up on Whatsapp, start the conversation friendly and see the chat booming to the next level.

Boys WhatsApp Number is not for the same gender, it is for the another gender. we decided to update you on Boys Phone Numbers because many girls have asked “why is it that we don’t post Male WhatsApp numbers who are interested in the another gender”?

How to give a guy your number for a chat on Whatsapp

Oftentimes, it’s very hard to approach a guy you like. You may live with him in the same street, meet him in his shop but the courage to talk to him is a problem; the first question you should ask yourself first is, how do I get his attention and No him better?

In this situation, you have to be crafty and smart. but confidence is a strong key that must be at first pace. build that confident enough to make eye contact and smile. when you do this, when you do this and she returned it back, you have a better chance to exchange numbers and get to know each other a little. or better still, start with:

By first asking him if he might like to go do something together with you someday, then the number bit will follow that.

I hope this helps!

1000+ Boys WhatsApp Numbers for Chat – Friendship

Get Free Beard Boy's WhatsApp Numbers
Get Free Beard Boy’s Profile

Name: Johnson
Number: +639369189365

Name: Hanif Johar
Number: 03018349487

Name: Gladays Neganga
Number: +966540930589

Name: Leo
Number: +13144033475

Name: ALusie kargo
Number: +23275049120

Name: Sajjad khan
Number: +923429211350

Name: Lord Wastony
Number: +233242657263

Name: Nadeem Hussain
Number: +632369189365

Name: Mabwe Mutopola
Numbers: +65 096490118

Other Country (UK, US, Canada, Pakistan) Rich Man WhatsApp Number

Below, is your list of rich man WhatsApp numbers worldwide. Mainly this number is taken from Popular countries like America and the United Kingdom.

Foreigner Cute Boy's WhatsApp Dating Numbers
Foreigner Cute Boy’s Bio

Name– Jack Sahoo
Status– Rich person is always hungry for growth.
No :- +1 987481891212

Name– William
Status– A smile is the best key in the world.
No :- +1 235681891342

Name– James
Status– Don’t worry about anything, Jesus will fix it!
No :- +1 768661891742

Pakistani Beautiful Boy Whatsapp and Mobile Number for Friendship

  • Full Name: Raja Ahsaan
  • Nick Name: Raja
  • Age: 21y
  • Location: Multan, Pakistan
  • Looking for: Friendship
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Contact / Whatsapp num. +92306741253

  • Full NameAhsaan
  • Age: 26 Years
  • Location: Multan, Double Phatak.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Looking for: Friendship
  • Contact / Whatsapp num. +923116240521

The Internet has made the world a better place where people can do whatever they want. Similarly, if you do not like a boy, you can find a good relationship with yourself with the help of the Internet. But if you do it just to pass the time and want to spend your time talking to boys or girls by extracting their numbers from the internet, you can do it very easily.

Islamic Boys Contact numbers from Pakistan

Muhammad Salman is a very honest and hardworking person. his age is 18 years and he wants to meet an honest and Beautiful Girl who will a Muslim and Ready to marry him. if You are interested and want to talk to this Boy then you can contact him.

Single Handsome Boys Phone Numbers
Single Handsome Boys photos and get real number
  • Name: Muhammad Mubeen
  • Age: 26 Years
  • Location: Multan, Pakistan
  • Status: Working
  • Gender: Male
  • Education: None
  • Contact / Whatsapp num. +92-311-6240521

I am not using Whatsapp because of its new privacy policy. If anyone wants to make me a friend then click on the telegram link to contact me. I will contact you soon after receiving your msgs.

If you came here for an Indian boy’s WhatsApp numbers then we have found only one contact from India who sends us his profile. He is Shankar and looking for an Indian Girl. his age is 21 years and he is a young man who is studying in college.

  • Name: Saleem Baloch
  • Age: 21
  • Location: Pakistan
  • Status: Working
  • Contact / Whatsapp num. +92306641521

We have Hidden these numbers for policy reasons. If any boy wants to show his number on this site then complete the form which we will send him by email and after verification, we will submit it here. any Girl finds her boy number and she tries for calling or text then please note that we will not responsible for these numbers. If these numbers do any fraud with you. Call or SMS on any number at your own risk. You can call to make boyfriend on +9230664565

College Boys WhatsApp Numbers

College Boys WhatsApp Numbers for Online Friendship
Get Free College Boys Mobile Phone Numbers

Name: Kokou
Number: +233599893665

Name: ALusine kargbo
Number: +23275049120

Name: Talha Jani
Number: 03340874833

Name: Geoffery Egesa
Number: +254114328623

Name: Rashad Ally
Number: 065 680 9189

Name: Amjad Al-Husam
Number: 777404129

Name: Temi Omo
Number: +2347065435397

Name: Ejaz Taj
Number: 00971524411012

Rich Boys WhatsApp Numbers – Make a Boyfriends

Are you looking for guys around the world for online friendships? Here you will find boys Whatsapp numbers for friendship and online chat. Usually people are attracted to people of the another gender, that’s why girls are searching for Whatsapp number of boys. There are 54 male users who shared their Whatsapp number on ChatKK.

Rich and Fitness Gym Boy's WhatsApp Numbers
Rich and Fitness Gym Boy’s Dating Profile

Name: Jowas Nancholas
Number: 02487504580

Name: Ali Maganda
Number: +256704747750.

Below we share only the faithful boy Whatsapp number. You can chat with them and make new friends. Also, we have shared some American, rich people’s WhatsApp numbers, which are smart, handsome. There are also some who are cool people.

Name: Laura Smithson
Number: 321 291 3146


If you are a girl you will be especially interested in boys for friendship and You may be shy to say Hi first in public. So here you can find some online male friends using Whatsapp numbers.

Male friendships are important for girls and have many advantages. You will know how men think and understand things. We hope this page helps you to add some new male friends who use Whatsapp

We have introduced a color notification combined with users profile image that will useful you to understand their interested in type easily.

Clever ways to give a guy your number online without him asking

This looks very simple when reading it but is very trickish when a guy’s mind is not there! try it and confirm by yourself.

  • Ask him to help you with work
  • Flirt with him
  • Straight up give him your number
  • Put the number in his bag/pocket with your name on it
  • Make friends with him
  • Try and plan an event that he’d like to go to
  • Say that your phone isn’t working, and ask if he can call it
  • Say you’ve lost your phone
  • Show interest in him
  • Share your interests with him

I hope this is relevant!

How to give a guy your phone number on social media

This seems to be the easiest way to give out phone numbers. Social media is a platform where we meet people we might have not encountered in real life and make friends!

How? you log into your Facebook or Instagram and see a friend request, the next thing that runs in your mind is to check his profile status and photos; then add him and start a conversation immediately.

Another means is to figure out the person’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media user name and add him to your friend’s list; from there chat can pop up and you guys can exchange phone numbers.

There are direct and indirect ways to give out phone numbers on social media.

  • The Direct Way:

When added someone to your friends zone on social media, the next step is to start up a conversation and thereafter, you will request for his/her number. that is direct

  • The Indirect Way:

On many social media. when signing up, you are requested to add all your details not leaving even your phone numbers. many people tend to use that opportunity by going through someone’s profile to copy his phone number.

This happens oftentimes, getting a call and text message you have never seen nor have in your contact details! That is an indirect way of getting your crush’s phone number on social media.

I hope with this point of view, you will be able to get your prince charming number on social media without him knowing.

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Final Words For List of Boys WhatsApp Numbers

Finally, if you need anything else, or have inquiries, questions you would love us to answer, kindly use the comment box below to reach us. We’ll be updating this page with more updated WhatsApp Girlfriends numbers seeking friendship online.

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