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Beatriz Pereira

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Full Name

Beatriz Pereira



Zodiac sign


Marital Status​

In a open relationship


English, Portuguese


Knitting, Sewing, Watching movies, Traveling


Skateboarding, Ultimate Frisbee, Powerlifting


Hotel Bracara Augusta, Largo Carlos Amarante 150, 4700-308 Braga, Portugal


Currently Live in Portugal, Spain

Beatriz Pereira Preferences

Description of my ideal mate: I have a desire in my heart to find that special man with whom we can create a strong relationship filled with trust, love and mutual respect. I am looking for someone who will become my reliable ally, partner and friend in this exciting journey called life. For me, not only moments of happiness are important, but also the ability to overcome difficulties together, share joys and sorrows. I strive for a relationship where each of us feels that our opinions are valued, that we grow together and support each other in our plans and dreams. At the core of my quest is the desire to build relationships where openness and honesty take center stage. I believe that it is openness and trust that creates strong bonds that can withstand any difficulties that life can throw at you. I want to find a man with whom every moment will be filled with special meaning, where we will support each other in the pursuit of self-expression and self-development. Love, mutual understanding an! d respect are the values that I am ready to bring into our relationship. So if you are someone who shares these desires and ideals, let me know. Together we can build something amazing and unique.
I am Seeking a: Man, Transexual
For: Friendship (friendship and communication; correspondence), Dating (Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Short or long-term relationships, commitments and monogamy)
From: Portugal
Currently Live in: Portugal, Spain
I am a: Women
Self Description: I am a sociable, calm and kind girl, whose heart is filled with love for home and the warmth of family relationships. My days are illuminated with a smile, and I strive to ensure that everyone around me feels this light and comfort. There is nothing more important to me than the warmth of home, and I find joy in creating comfort around me. I love decorating my home with fresh flowers, cooking exciting meals, and creating an atmosphere where every member of the family feels loved and important. My calm nature brings stability not only to my life, but also to the relationships I strive to build. I am ready to be support for my partner, to create warmth and security in our common everyday life. Communi-cation for me is not just about exchanging words, but also about finding true understanding of each other. I am open to dialogue, ready to listen and support, creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect in our relationship. So, if you value home comfort, ! stability and are looking for a partner who can support and share this lifestyle, let me know. Together we can create our own world filled with warmth and happiness.
Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)
Weight: 54kg (119lbs)
Religion: Christianity, Spiritism
Ehnicity: Portuguese, Spanish
Children: Yes
Tattoos: A small hummingbird tattoo on my collarbone, symbolizing freedom and resilience.
Hair: Wavy Hair Type, Brunette Color
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Body Type: Athletic, Pear or Triangle, Tall

Life & Work of Beatriz Pereira

Profession: CEO/Executive, Aerospace Engineer
Interests: Exploring art galleries, documenting my travels through photography, engaging in deep conversations, and connecting with like-minded individuals.
Education: Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, University of Lisbon
In my Daily Routine i am: Attending art classes, sketching in my studio, and immersing myself in the vibrant culture of Lisbon.
My Current Priorities are: Nurturing my artistic talents, broadening my cultural horizons through travel, and forming meaningful connections with fellow creatives.
In my Spare time I like to: Experiment with new painting techniques, plan my next travel adventure, and unwind with a good book or movie.

Pernicious habits​ of Beatriz Pereira

Smoke: Yes
Drink: No
Drugs: Some Time

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