Meet Albanian College girl wanna enjoy her life with a cool guy

Elira Dervishi

Fier College student seeking meaningful connections.

Elira Dervishi Meet Albanian College girl wanna enjoy her life with a cool guy

Full Name

Elira Dervishi



Zodiac sign


Marital Status​



English, Albanian


Camping, Sculpting, Watching movies, Horseback riding


Golf, Martial Arts (e.g., Karate, Taekwondo, Judo), Squash, Bungee Jumping


Student dormitories, Fier, Albania


Currently Live in Albania

Elira Dervishi Preferences

Description of my ideal mate: The main qualities that my man should have are purposefulness, decency, responsibility, honesty, kindness, and intelligence. With him, there is always something to talk about, learn new things. He should love to travel, go hiking, do not abuse alcohol and cigarettes. It will not be boring with him if we are left in a on a desert island, without a phone. He will tell me many different stories and anecdotes. Are you a dreamer?
I am Seeking a: Man, Lesbian
For: Friendship (friendship and communication; correspondence), Dating (Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Short or long-term relationships, commitments and monogamy)
From: Albania
Currently Live in: Albania
I am a: Women
Self Description: I consider myself a responsible girl who takes my obligations seriously. I always strive to fulfill my commitments to the best of my abilities and I prioritize my responsibilities accordingly. I love to explore new places and try new things, and I have a great sense of humor that helps me connect with others easily. I am organized and efficient in managing my time, which allows me to balance work and play effectively. At the same time, I am also a fun-loving girl who knows how to enjoy life. I have a positive outlook on life and I believe that having a good time is an essential part of it. Moreover, I am an understanding girl who values empathy and compassion. I believe that every person has their own unique story and perspective, and I always try to understand where they’re coming from. I listen to others without judgment and I offer support and encouragement when needed.
Family Details: Elira comes from a loving family in Fier, Albania, with supportive parents who encourage her academic pursuits.
Height: 5’4″ (163 cm)
Weight: 52kg (115lbs)
Religion: Islam/Muslim
Ehnicity: Albanians
Children: No
Tattoos: Elira has a small sunflower tattoo on her right wrist, symbolizing growth, positivity, and resilience.
Hair: Coily/Kinky Hair, Gray/Silver Color
Eye Color: Hazel – Green (combination of green and brown), Black – Very Dark Brown that appears black
Body Type: Slim, Athletic, Bust and hip measurements are similar, Apple-Shaped

Life & Work of Elira Dervishi

Profession: Nurse, Teacher, Dancer
Interests: I would like to meet a man who is caring, sincere, understanding and loving.
Education: Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Fier University
In my Daily Routine i am: Attending classes, Studying at the library, Participating in extracurricular activities, Spending time with friends
My Current Priorities are: Excelling academically, Building a strong network of friends and mentors, Exploring internship opportunities
In my Spare time I like to: Paint landscapes, Practice playing the guitar, Take long walks in nature

Pernicious habits​ of Elira Dervishi

Smoke: Yes
Drink: No
Drugs: No

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