Stranger Desire 🔥❤️of a armenian Divorcee Lady🍌💦💦 for Fun & Enjoy

Sona Manucharyan

Seeking new beginnings and meaningful connections in Gyumri.

Sona Manucharyan Stranger Desire 🔥❤️of a armenian Divorcee Lady🍌💦💦 for Fun & Enjoy

Full Name

Sona Manucharyan



Zodiac sign


Marital Status​



English, Armenian


Drawing, Hiking, Sewing


American Football, Ice Hockey, CrossFit, Squash


Alexandra Spa And Oriental Bath, 28 Shiraz Street, 16th Street, Gyumri, Armenia


Currently Live in Armenia

Sona Manucharyan Preferences

Description of my ideal mate: I would like to meet a man who is sincere and romantic. I do not have any age preference as long as he is family-oriented and has good values.
I am Seeking a: Man
For: Dating (Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Short or long-term relationships, commitments and monogamy), Marriage (Lifelong relationship, family, children)
From: Armenia
Currently Live in: Armenia
I am a: Women
Self Description: I am a loving person with good sense of humor. I am cheerful and family-oriented. I am passionate and romantic. Although I am a bit young, I know what I need and what I am seeking for all my life. Looking for a genuine and heartfelt connection in Gyumri? Meet Sona Manucharyan, a dedicated civil engineer with a passion for creativity and nature. ✨ Experience the beauty of life and architecture with Sona, whether you’re seeking a friend or a long-term partner. Connect now for a fulfilling and enriching relationship.
Family Details: Father is a retired teacher, mother is a librarian, and I have a younger brother who is a software developer.
Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)
Weight: 54kg (119lbs)
Religion: Christianity
Ehnicity: Armenian
Children: No
Tattoos: A small butterfly on the shoulder blade
Hair: Straight Hair Type, Brunette Color
Eye Color: Hazel – Green (combination of green and brown)
Body Type: Difficulty gaining muscle or fat, Gains muscle easily, Bust and hip measurements are close in size

Life & Work of Sona Manucharyan

Profession: Singer, Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach
Interests: Building new friendships, exploring architectural designs, attending art exhibitions, and staying active through sports.
Education: Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BCE) from College of Civil Engineering, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA)
In my Daily Routine i am: Managing construction projects, designing innovative structures, and enjoying my artistic hobbies.
My Current Priorities are: Career advancement, personal growth, and establishing genuine connections.
In my Spare time I like to: Paint, hike in the mountains, read novels, and take care of my garden.

Pernicious habits​ of Sona Manucharyan

Smoke: No
Drink: No
Drugs: Yes

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